Both sides of the ball

Jevan Snead talks offense. Tyrone Nix talks defense. The Rebels head to week two of practice on Sunday.

First day in pads and Jevan Snead said offensively the Rebels can do better. Make that must do better than they did in the Saturday evening scrimmage.

"Honestly I'm a little disappointed," said Ole Miss' junior quarterback, 5-for-11 in the workout for 32 yards. "I felt we could play much better, myself included. It was the first day in pads. It just goes to show we've got a lot of work to do. Fortunately we've got some time to do it."

Snead said it isn't anything that can't be fixed.

"We just weren't executing. We had several dumb mistakes. Some false starts. Some offsides. Stuff like that. Had a guy leaning one time. Motion. And I wasn't putting the ball where I needed it. Just an all-around bad day. It will be good film to learn from."

Snead admitted the Rebel defense, with some sacks and excellent stops throughout, also had something to do with things on his side of the ball.

"Our defense is really good. I think that makes us better (offensively), but sometimes it makes us look worse than we're actually doing because they're such a great defense. It's really helping us out (to go against them).

"Couple of those guys over there, I think they know our signals, too," Snead said with a laugh. "There are some good players over there (on defense). We play against the best every week in this conference. And we play against some of the best every day in practice."

The Rebels worked five quarterbacks on the day – Nathan Stanley, Raymond Cotton, Billy Tapp, and Clayton Moore, in addition to Snead.

Stanley (3-for-10 for 94 yards with 2 TDs) and Cotton (1-for-6 with a reception by freshman WR Terrell Grant for 14 yards) took the most snaps, along with Snead.

Defense off to good start

Defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix was pleased with his side of the ball, at least for the most part in this early-camp scrimmage.

"I saw some good things," he said. "I saw some young guys moving around making some big hits. D.T. Shackelford made some big plays. I like him a lot. Tig Barksdale made some plays. We've got a chance. We've got some young guys who really look like they're going to be able to contribute. Gerald Rivers looked good and put some pressure on at times. He still needs to work a little bit more on his fundamentals. All our kids have got to work hard, continue to work harder and play harder."

All the coaches seemed pleased to finally have some scrimmage tape to look at and evaluate.

"This was the first opportunity we had to tackle live," Nix said. "Overall we didn't do as bad as I thought we would. But overall we're going to have to tackle a whole lot better come the first ballgame."

Nix said with the loss for several weeks of defensive lineman Justin Smith to a broken bone in his foot, others now get a chance to help out.

"It gives us a great opportunity for someone else to step up," he said. "It's going to speak a little bit about the character of the other young men who are playing the position. Possibly we can move a Craig Drummond inside if necessary. A guy like Garrett Ryan or someone else may get that opportunity. It presents a great challenge for the guys who are playing in front of him right now to up their level of play. And it gives an opportunity for some other guys to possibly factor in as well."

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