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In less than half an hour Wednesday at the Ole Miss ticket office, along with ticket sales at the window during that time and also online orders, this happened.

A caller found out the 10 Alabama tickets and six LSU tickets and four Tennessee tickets they'd ordered were not available. No individual orders can be filled for the four big SEC games on campus this fall.

So what did the caller do?

"I'll just take eight season tickets then," was the response to the situation.

That's happening all the time these days as Ole Miss closes in swiftly on selling out of season tickets for the first time.

Most fans are not shrugging their shoulders in disappointment over not getting their individual game tickets. A whole bunch of them are just buying season tickets on the spot.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Assistant Athletics Director Sans Russell. "The word is out. The phone hasn't stopped ringing all week."

Back to the half an hour at the ticket office. This also happened.

Another caller who had ordered eight LSU tickets and two Arkansas tickets was told no tickets.

"I'll order four season tickets then," that particular caller said.

Then another. This one had four LSU tickets ordered and also two to the Arkansas game.

"Just make it eight season tickets," caller three said.

"We're going to be out of season tickets probably by Friday," Russell said.

There was a lull in sales early in the process. It appeared that last season's total of 39,000 (counting 7,500 student season tickets) would be matched, but that'd be about it.

Then something happened. Fans, and lots of them, who hadn't bought tickets yet did so.

July was busy; August busier still. The Rebels will sell all 51,000 available season tickets. Those who ordered additional individual tickets to SEC games have been notified they won't be receiving any tickets other than the season tickets they purchased. There are none to be had.

"In May we were up 18 percent over last year," Russell said.

Watch the upward movement.

"On June 22 we were up 22 percent," he said. "On June 26, up 24 percent. On July 9, up 26 percent. On July 20, up 28 percent. On Aug. 7, up 31 percent."

And it's still climbing.

"From noon on Monday of this week through the close of the day on Tuesday, we sold more than 600 season tickets," Russell said. "That's pretty amazing for this time of year."

An attractive home schedule with Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and LSU has helped. A ranking in just about everybody's national top 10 has really helped.

"It's like things just started speeding up the last month," Russell said. "With every ranking and poll and magazine, it just seems like those things are getting people's attention, and they're calling us or going online or coming to the window to buy season tickets."

So what's gone and what's left?

There are some season tickets left for sale on the east side only in sections K, L, and R. The north and south end zones and the entire west side are sold out.

Gone are 7,500 student season tickets at $63 for the seven-game home package. But there is now being offered a $25 three-game pack for students when the Rebels play Southeastern Louisiana, Alabama-Birmingham, and Northern Arizona.

"Some students have bought those," Russell said.

Those are available because the visitor allotment of 7,000 for the big games is much smaller for those non-conference games.

"Each of those three schools got less than a thousand tickets," Russell said.

Some students are also buying full-priced season tickets at $275 each, according to Russell.

There are some individual tickets for sale to the general public for those three non-conference games as well. Most fans, however, want to see the SEC games.

"To do that, they'd better order season tickets as soon as possible," Russell said.

"I thought we might have a chance to sell out of season tickets between the Memphis (road) game and the home opener with Southeastern Louisiana (Sept. 19)," he continued. "But it's about to happen way before that."

Russell said it all beats anything he's seen in his years with the ticket office.

"We've never had a summer like this. The only thing I can compare it to is the rush right after we get a bowl bid in December," he said late on Wednesday, phone still ringing, folks still arriving at the ticket windows.

And all of them banking on that top 10 ranking being played out by the Rebels this fall.

Ticket office phone numbers: 1-662-915-7167 or 1-888-732-8587.

For online orders, go to and click on "tickets" at the top of the page.

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