Gaskins having minor surgery

A torn ACL cost Ole Miss Guard Trevor Gaskins last season. That knee is now sound, but he will be undergoing minor knee surgery this week to clean up a "loose body" in his other knee. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Guard Trevor Gaskins has been cleared from rehab on his left knee ACL injury that sidelined him all of last year.

But recently, he has been having some discomfort in his right knee. An MRI earlier this week indicated a "loose body" that will be removed in Jackson tomorrow with minor knee surgery.

"He will have arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to take out what they call a Loose body," said Ole Miss Coach Andy Kennedy. "He tore his right ACL the spring of his junior year in high school. Since then, he has had some grinding in that knee that is aggravating. He had a little swelling in the right knee during the rehab of his left knee, but it would go away quickly. We didn't think much about it.

"The other day, he kind of landed funny and felt some discomfort. The MRI showed a loose body that needs to be removed."

The prognosis is that Gaskins will be out "two-three weeks."

"It's great news to us," Kennedy continued. "We thought it might have been more extensive. Honestly, he's more athletic now than I've ever seen him. He's 6-2, 205 pounds and is playing very well. He's stronger and quicker and just doing great, so this will only make him better because he will be pain free now. If we were in the middle of February, he'd play through this, but why not clean it up now."

Kennedy said everyone else who had knee surgery is doing fine.

"Eniel (Polynice) said this is the best he has felt physically since we first discovered his knee problems last year. He's pain-free," Andy noted. "With Chris (Warren), if you didn't know he had had surgery, you could not tell it. He looks fantastic. With Zach (Graham) we are waiting on the six-month mark in his rehab. That's the critical period with a patella tendon. He could play if we were in the Final Four tomorrow, but we are waiting until mid-September to turn him loose.

"Zach is down to 215 pounds at 6-6. That's 13 pounds lighter than he played last year and he looks very good."

The Rebels have started individual workouts and Kennedy is excited about newcomer Reggie Buckner.

"He's 6-8, 228 - up 20 pounds from the weight he played in high school. He has all the makings of being a tremendous player. Like every young kid, Reggie's eyes are wide open, but he's a kid who will have a great opportunity early to help us," Andy noted. "Everyone is healthy and good and we are very excited to get going."

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