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There hasn't been a lot of movement in the two-deep depth chart since August practice began. Compiling that is a no-brainer, but beyond is more of a chore. Here's an educated stab at a three-deep, sometimes four-deep, chart. Read about it inside.

When the Rebels line up for pre-practice stretch in the middle of the field, the offense is on one side of the 50 yard line and the defense is on the other side.

The first team is on the front row stretched across the field, the second team is behind them and so on down the line.

While you may think that is the "real" depth chart, it can be confusing and a bit deceiving because beyond the second team, seniority also takes precedent.

For instance, freshmen Wide Receivers Patrick Patterson and Jesse Grandy stretch near the back of the pack and it's already been declared they will be in the eight-man WR rotation, not playing with the fifth or sixth team as their alignment suggests.

The reason for this explanation is that we are going to give you a depth chart, but we have to also give you a disclaimer, an asterisk if you will. Beyond the second team, the depth chart, outside of the coaches' offices, is simply an educated guess.

With that in mind, here we go, with some explanation where needed.

OFFEENSE - (For simplicity, we will list 12 offensive positions - two wideouts, a slot and a fullback - in this offering.)

Wide Receiver - Shay Hodge, Patrick Patterson, Jacarious Lucas. (Patterson, for now, and Lucas will be called on situationally. The play call will oft-times dictate which one is in the game.)

Slot - Dexter McCluster, Lionel Breaux, Jesse Grandy. (Breaux and Grandy can also play the other wideout slots and Dexter can line up at all three wideout positions and at tailback.)

Wide Receiver - Markeith Summers, Andrew Harris. (In three-wide sets, Summers is the "starter," but Breaux can also handle that role.)

Left Tackle - Bradley Sowell, Logan Clair. (While Clair is listed as the number two guy at LT, of Sowell is out, look for either Reid Neely or Rishaw Johnson to take his place for now.)

Left Guard - Reid Neely, Alex Washington. (A.J. Hawkins can also swing to left guard.)

Center - Daverin Geralds, Mark Jean-Louis. (Brandon Green also figures into this mix.)

Right Guard - Brandon Green, A.J. Hawkins, Rishaw Johnson. (Once Johnson get out of timeout, he will move up, most likely.)

Right Tackle - John Jerry, Bobby Massie. (Once Massie learns right tackle and gets more comfortable there, some right guard play could also be possible for him or Jerry.)

Tight End - Gerald Harris, Ferbia Allen, E.J. Epperson, Reggie Hicks. (We go four-deep there because there are situations and certain formations where Reggie will contribute.)

Quarterback - Jevan Snead, Nathan Stanley/Billy Tapp. (The / denotes the coaches would use Stanley in some situations and Tapp in others. The coaches are currently defining those roles.)

Fullback - Andy Hartman, Derrick Davis, Dan Hoffman.

Tailback - Brandon Bolden, Cordera Eason, Enrique Davis, Devin Thomas/Tim Simon. (This may be the most confusing position of all, especially when you throw McCluster into the mix as well. Lots of different roles to be filled and lots of candidates to fill them.)


Defensive End - Marcus Tillman, Emmanuel Stephens, Craig Drummond. (Drummond is playing both DE and DT.)

Defensive Tackle - Lawon Scott, LaMark Armour, Garrett Ryan.

Defensive Tackle - Ted Laurent, Jerrell Powe. (Powe is considered a starter by the coaches.)

Defensive End - Kentrell Lockett, Greg Hardy, Gerald Rivers. (How strong are you when, technically, Hardy is number two? Also, for now, Rivers is considered the fifth DE in the rotation.)

Outside Linebacker - Allen Walker, Lamar Brumfield, Rudy Wilson.

Middle Linebacker - Jonathan Cornell, D.T. Shackelford, Trey Tripp.

Outside Linebacker - Patrick Trahan, Joel Kight, Brandon Sanders. (Sanders will help on special teams.)

Cornerback - Marshay Green, Marcus Temple.

Free Safety - Kendrick Lewis, Derrick Herman, Jared Mitchell.

Strong Safety - Johnny Brown, Fon Ingram, George Helow. (Fon is the third safety. If something were to happen to Lewis, Fon would swing to free safety. The safety positions, in this defense, are interchangeable.)

Cornerback - Cassius Vaughn, Jeremy McGee. (If any CB injuries take place, look for Julian Whitehead or true frosh Charles Sawyer to get moved up.)


Kickoff - Justin Sparks, David Hankins/Andrew Ritter. (Experience has the current edge, but all three are very capable.)

Placements - Josh Shene, Bryson Rose. (Both have had very good camps.)

Punter - Justin Sparks, Tyler Campbell. (Again, experience rules, for now. Andy Hartman is the personal protector no matter who punts and Reggie Hicks backs him up.)

Holder - Justin Sparks, Richie Contartesi.

Deep Snapper - Preston Powers, Wesley Phillips.

Punt Return - Marshay Green, Dexter McCluster. (Grandy and Korvic Neat are also being groomed there but it is likely Neat will redshirt this year.)

Kickoff Return - Brandon Bolden, Cordera Eason, Derrick Herman. (Several more could be added to this list - including Cassius Vaughn, Enrique Davis, Patrick Patterson, et al, but these appear to be the frontrunners.)

Again, the two-deep seems fairly stable. Some of the threes are pretty much in place, but take this depth chart with a grain of salt. It is fluid.

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