Nutt PC Transcript

After topping Memphis 45-14 Sunday, Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt met the media in the tunnel of the North Endzone to talk of his impressions of the Rebels' season opener. Read about it inside.

On the game:

"I thought the last two quarters, our offense finally came on. You have to give Memphis credit. I think they're much better. They played really hard and their quarterback is tough to take down. Their running back, (Curtis) Steele, runs really hard. So give them credit. But our defense was outstanding today. We missed some tackles that we normally don't miss, but kept them wrapped up, pressured the quarterback and kept them off-balance. We were able to roll some guys and keep them fresh. That helped us."

On the fourth down stop:

"It was huge. It gave us a lot of momentum and gave us confidence. It really helped us."

On the offense:

"We got better. We finally started moving the ball a little bit on offense. We had a couple of good drives and kept the clock rolling. This is good for us. The left side of the offensive line is new. We have to keep getting better and executing better. We had some miscommunication, but I'm just really proud of our guys. We can take this film and get better. "

On the play of junior QB Jevan Snead:

"Jevan Snead, I thought, didn't have his game in the first half. But it wasn't all his fault. In the second half, he came back like a warrior. He came back and really executed. The thing you love about Jevan, if things don't go just right, he doesn't hang his head. You don't have to be concerned about that. He's a winner. He came back and really threw the ball well."

On the ineffectiveness of the deep passing game in the first half:

"I wanted for us to get into a rhthym, and every time we tried to throw deep, we couldn't early. I kept thinking if we can just get a first down, we'll throw it. But we could never get there. We were off-balance."

On the play of sophomore LT Bradley Sowell:>

"For his first game, I was really proud of him. He was fighting through it. He was hurting a little bit, but he fought through it, sucked it up and got back out there. He was a little dehydrated, but kept fighting hard. For his first time, pretty good."

On getting the win without the team playing at its best:

"No question about it. We were frustrated a little bit offensively. I felt like we stopped ourselves, but you have to give Memphis credit. But our defense hung in there and made some plays. They kept pressuring. There's nothing like pressure. Our guys kept swarming the quarterback."

On the bye-week:

"I can't control it. The schedule I was handed said it's a bye-week, so I have to take advantage of it. I know after that it's 11 straight. It'll be a tough road."

On senior DE Greg Hardy:

"I bet this time last year, you wouldn't have said he'd go back out with a swollen ankle. But it shows the change in his mindset. He wanted to get back out there. I love that."

On the win:

"Wins are precious. There's nothing like being 1-0. A lot of people would love to be where we are. The thing I love about it is we stunk it up the first half offensively, but came back, didn't hang our heads and went out and executed. Now we look at the film and get better."

On the play of the defense:

"Awesome. Just spectacular. Their tall receivers kept me up at night, really all summer. (Carlos) Singleton is 6-foot-9, (Duke) Calhoun is 6-foot-5, and the other guys are good. This is a good team. If you look at their team physically, Tommy West has done a good job of upgrading his team physically. They've got some good looking guys on that team and they're good football players. I'm just proud of our guys and of our fans. Our fans showed up and they were awesome."

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