Thursday Practice Report

The Rebels held a light workout in the IPF Thursday, fine-tuning and honing special teams situations and the gameplan for Saturday's match against SLU. Read about it inside.

Coach Houston Nutt and the Rebels have been contending with rain in the area all week.

Thursday's practice was no different, as the Rebs were driven inside for their final full-speed workout of the week.

As usual on a Thursday, the Rebs worked out in helmets and shorts and worked primarily on fine-tuning all game situations, including special teams.

"We finally had a Thursday practice on a Thursday," quipped Nutt. "It's time to play - period. We want to get into that routine, and we are about there.

"We were hoping to go out on the game field and work out there, but there was lightning in the area and we couldn't. That was a little discouraging, but we'll try to get that done Friday with our walk-through practice."

For the first time in over a week, the flu did not even enter the conversation.

"Everyone is healthy except DE Greg Hardy and TE Gerald Harris," Nutt continued. "Gerald did run a lot today and that was encouraging."

Earlier in the week, DT Jerrell Powe was promoted to first team ahead of Ted Laurent. Nutt said Jerrell had a good week getting ready for his first career start.

"Starting with the basics, he's in shape, number one. He's a different guy conditioning wise. He also understands technique much better and is just a year better," Houston stated. "From what he brings to the table, he's a strong, strong guy offenses have to be aware of. Jerrell can be disruptive and when you are disruptive and causing havoc, they have to put four hands on you and that frees up other guys.

"It's just good to have a strong guy in the middle who is disruptive, like Peria (Jerry) was for us last year. I won't say Jerrell is like Peria yet, but he's coming."

Random Notes:

* Against Memphis, LT Bradley Sowell had some issues with dehydration and cramping in his first start. He learned his lesson well. Brad started the hydration process today in preparation for Saturday's game against SLU. "They have to start getting enough liquids in their system early and build up toward a game in order to stay hydrated through a game," Nutt said. "I think Brad knows to take that seriously now."

* Brandon Green is still the number one right guard on the offensive line, but word throughout the IPF is that Rishaw Johnson is pushing him hard and will play a lot against SLU.

* Besides Powe, CB Jeremy McGee was also promoted earlier in the week ahead of senior Cassius Vaughn. Apparently, he has held that position throughout the week and will get his first start against SLU along with Powe.

* From the you-would-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it department, freshman Punter Tyler Campbell was standing on the opposite 40 yard line in the IPF before practice and booted a punt that hit the net on the far end behind the end zone about 10 yards up. Although he had to kick a lower, line drive type of punt so he would not hit the rafters, the ball still traveled roughly 75-80 yards in the air. Amazing leg strength.

* The redshirt candidates and some of the frosh who are playing are lifting four times a week during the season and it's already paying dividends. S Frank Crawford has gained 15 pounds already, RB Korvic Neat has also put on 15 solid pounds, WR Jesse Grandy has added 13 pounds to his frame, and WR Ja'Mes Logan has tacked on 10 pounds. WR Pat Patterson needed to go the other way and has lost from 224 pounds down to 219 pounds. More examples that the strength and conditioning program is humming constantly.

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