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Ole Miss Left Tackle Bradley Sowell is a harsh critic of himself, but after watching film of the South Carolina game, he believes everything he did wrong is "fixable." Read about it inside.

There apparently are two sides to every coin.

Ole Miss Left Tackle Bradley Sowell is definitely aware of that now after learning a thing or two or three in the South Carolina game when he was lined up against the Gamecocks' version of Superman - Eric Norwood.

Sowell graded out 76% in the SC game, not as badly as he, nor the fans, thought he did.

"It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, really. I was really down after the game, but in watching the game again, I can do this job. I know I can, without a doubt. I got a little impatient with Norwood and freaked out a little bit, to be honest," said Bradley. "Sometimes I overstepped and lost my patience instead of doing as I am coached, but the flip side is that it's all things I can correct. It's not a matter of being physically or mentally incapable of doing better, so that, in itself, is a little bit of a relief. I have the ability to do it, I know that now. I can see it on film. At times, I felt it in the game. I just have to correct the little things and I am going to do that. I am going to get this right.

"I am very excited to get back to practice and start correcting. What Coach (Mike) Markuson and I went over in the film room was all little things, things I know I can do. I hurt myself as much as Norwood hurt me. Watching film of him all week and seeing how good he is, I got too anxious and excited. I will learn from this."

Sowell is disappointed in the loss, but encouraged about the future.

"We are so close to really breaking some things out and getting some things right that will spring plays," he continued. "We hated to lose that game - it was frustrating, very frustrating, but we see how close we are and are encouraged."

Having said all that, Sowell, like most of the Rebels and Coach Houston Nutt, is surprised the Rebel offense has not been able to get into a better rhythm three games into the season.

"We've done some great things in practice and we know we are ready to get it right, but our rhythm has been off in the first three games," Sowell commented. "It's been kind of strange to us to see it unfold that way, but we just have to keep going and know there is gold at the end of the rainbow."

Bradley knew going into this season there would be ups and downs and there is nothing like experience, but it really hit home after the USC game.

"There is no substitute for experience. Sometimes you have to fail before you get better, you have to experience both ends of the spectrum," he explained. "There's nothing like going into a hostile environment with a short week to prepare playing one of the best defensive players in the country in your first SEC start," he smiled. "But I will be a better player because of it.

"It's a tough situation, but you have to bow up and take the challenge."

Sowell regrets how his postgame statement about being "glad the rankings are over" came out.

"It came out the wrong way. I was frustrated. Anybody who knows me knows I don't want to ever lose and that I am a diehard Rebel," he explained. "I'm sorry people got the wrong impression or that I said what I meant wrong. I was trying to dwell on the positive side and let everyone know we can't look back, we have to focus on Vandy in a hurry, but I guess I was clumsy in the way I said it.

"We are not going to let the team fall apart over one loss, as regrettable as that loss is. We will stay together and double our efforts."

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