Fall Ball continues; Jake Morgan sidelined

Ole Miss was already pitching at less than full strength with several pitchers sidelined for the fall. Now veteran Jake Morgan may be done for the year.

Morgan, a junior right-handed closer and an integral part of the Rebels' success the past couple of seasons, hasn't pitched this fall in any intrasquads. His troubles began right before fall ball officially started.

"He didn't throw on Scout Day (Sept. 25), but he had thrown a bullpen leading up to Scout Day," Coach Mike Bianco said. "He had some discomfort in his arm."

Bianco said Morgan finished the bullpen but the next day was sore. That continued to be the case, and he wasn't getting better in subsequent days. He had an MRI last week and had a tear in his UCL.

"It doesn't look good," Bianco said. "We'll wait for a couple of doctors to get their opinion."

If surgery is needed, the process for recovery is "10 to 12 months" according to Bianco.

Also sitting out for now are junior Drew Pomeranz (resting for another couple of weeks after a long spring and summer of pitching), transfer Trent Rothlin (mono; not sure the recovery time at this point), transfer Matt Crouse (repaired meniscus tear; back before the end of fall), transfer Jon Andy Scott (Tommy John surgery; out for the school year), redshirt freshman Brett Huber (rotater cuff strain; should return before the end of fall).

Obviously there are other pitchers who are out there and pitching - David Goforth, Rory McKean, Aaron Barrett, Kyle Barbeck, Matt Tracy, transfer Eric Callender, transfer Jordan King, freshman Jordan Cooper, freshman Brooks Oursler, and freshman Tanner Mathis, among them. All won't pitch for the Rebels but they are now. Some are also position players.

"We're really kind of handcuffed because of injury or sickness or whatever on the guys we can run out there," Bianco said.

That being said, the Rebel hitting has been above average this fall.

"We continue to swing it well," Bianco said. "A lot of guys are swinging it well, and that's good."

Defensively he has also been pleased.

"Today was a great defensive day," Bianco said Monday afternoon. "There were at least six diving catches in eight innings, and that was impressive. We've been pretty clean the whole fall. Not too many mistakes (defensively)."

Stats from the last two days of scrimmages will be posted later on the Spirit message board.

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