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Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator Kent Austin assessed the play of Rebel Quarterback Jevan Snead after Tuesday's practice. Read about it inside.

The verdict is in, according to Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator Kent Austin.

His protege, Quarterback Jevan Snead, had a "very good" outing against Vanderbilt, except. . .

"Except for a couple of bad decisions, Jevan played very well against Vanderbilt. He graded very high overall," Austin began. "The only thing he needed to do was eliminate the two glaring mistakes.

"For the first half and the first drive of the second half, Vandy had no answers for him and they have a pretty good defense. He was pretty special in that time frame."

Snead had three interceptions in the game. Kent assessed those miscues.

"The first one, he got hit. We had a protection breakdown. That's not his fault. The second one, he made a really bad throw not getting his feet set," Austin noted. "The other one was a bad decision. The first two were not bad decisions."

Austin clarified his statement somewhat.

"That was not his only bad decision, but the rest of them resulted in something positive or no turnover," Kent explained. "He just had one bad decision that resulted in a turnover. Those are the ones you have to eliminate, but you have to try to correct them all.

"A couple of times he dumped the ball short and had open receivers down the field. That's not bad, but we'd rather have the 15-yard completion than the 8-yarder. Technically, that's a bad decision and he'll get graded on that negatively even though we had a positive play. But he understands that we aren't going to give positive feedback for a decision that could have been better. It's just part of the process of evolving. He gets it."

Austin believes that sometimes Snead's powerful arm, and his confidence in it, gets him in tough situations.

"Jevan believes in himself and in his arm to be able to make tough throws," said Austin. "That's not a bad thing. I'd much rather dial a quarterback down than have to dial him up.

"I don't want a guy who is going to dink the ball the entire game for a four-yard average when we have receivers open downfield. Our QB has to be aggressive in the passing game in our offense, but he also has to know how to buffer it."

The bottom line? Austin was very pleased with Snead's overall performance and improvement in the last outing and he wants to see more.

"Like I said, playing quarterback is always an evolving process. What I want to see from Jevan is continued improvement. He gave us that against Vanderbilt," Austin stated. "We always want the graph to be moving up with no static points. Constant development is required."

The graph moved up against Vandy.

"That was a good defense Jevan took apart for a while," Austin closed.

Now, Kent wants to see the graph move up again versus the Tide.

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