HDN's Sunday teleconference -

After losing to Alabama 22-3 in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Saturday, Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt said in Sunday's teleconference the Rebels have some issues to address. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Coach Houston Sunday teleconference, starting with his opening statement and followed by some questions and answers.

Houston Nutt: After watching the film, the high point was, of course, was our defense. They played hard from the moment the ball was kicked off until the very end. They did an excellent job throughout the game of pressuring the quarterback and stopping the run, for the most part and really kept Alabama out of the end zone, which has been their trait all year. Offensively, the disappointing thing is that we got whipped up front a little bit. We have to improve on our offensive line and become much more physical. We can't have turnovers. Jevan (Snead) gets credited with four interceptions, but two of those the receivers have to help them. The ball pops up out of a receiver's belly into a linebacker's hands and then a ball gets taken from a receiver. On the slant that was picked off, Shay (Hodge) has to run a better route. It's a team thing. We all have to improve and get better and we have to give Alabama credit, they are a good football team.

Q: On the passes that were not intercepted, where was Jevan mechanically, etc?

HDN: After he got hit some, you could tell his footwork struggled and he was out of sync. He missed some easy throws that he normally hits. He has to get that corrected.

Q: Is it frustrating on the OL that you don't have many options or do you feel you have a couple of guys coming who can help you?

HDN: It is, it is. We have some guys like Bobby Massie and A.J. Hawkins who are coming, but we knew that part going into the year that the OL is a thin group.

Q: Will improvement of the offense require any drastic or dramatic changes in personnel or scheme?

HDN: We are going to have to look at everything real hard tonight. We have to pinpoint what our guys do best and what keeps the chains moving without turnovers.

Q: How is Marshay (Green) and the injury situation?

HDN: Enrique Davis has a pretty bad sprained ankle right now. Marshay has a cracked rib with a little bit of a kidney laceration. We have a few banged up but not real bad. It was a very physical, hard-hitting game yesterday. We are not sure how long Marshay will be out, but at least a week.

Q: How did Andy Hartmann respond coming back off a knee injury?

HDN: Andy did very well. We are very proud of him. Andy had close to 20 plays and it's good to get him back. His knee responded well too.

Q: Has there been any temptation or thought of giving Nathan Stanley some snaps to let Jevan have a different perspective?

HDN: We have talked about that and will continue to, but we have so much faith in Jevan. As I mentioned, it's not all him. He's got to get some help too.

Q: How is Patrick Patterson developing?

HDN: He's getting better. He's coming. He's been doing a good job in practice and will only get better.

Q: Was the lack of rushing a product of the offensive line too?

HDN: There weren't many holes to run through. For the most part, they dominated us up front. We have to get better. There were times we had some running lanes, but again we had one guy missing a block or one guy getting pushed around. We have to get that running game going. That's been our trademark is to be able to have a running game and make the passing game much easier.

Q: Is this one of the games (UAB) that Rishaw Johnson has to sit out?

HDN: Yes. We will look at Brandon Green, A.J. and Massie. We have some options there and will see which one is best for us this week in practice.

Q: Do you feel Alabama's defense is the best you will see or do you expect this from all conference opponents down the line?

HDN: The league will be physical, but what I said yesterday I still stand by. Alabama is probably the best, or top 3 in the country, 1-11 on their defense. Every position, they are good. And they have depth. They are outstanding. I'm sure LSU and Auburn and the others will look the same, but I don't know if you will have a better 11 we'll face.

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