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Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix would have liked to have seen UAB contained a bit better, but Offensive Coordinator Kent Austin was "very pleased" with the production on his side of the ball in the 48-13 Rebel victory over UAB. Read about it inside.

501 yards.

8-13 on third down conversions.

No turnovers.

48 points.

Even though it was against a UAB defense that has been giving up quite a bit of the above, those numbers were music to Ole Miss Rebel Offensive Coordinator Kent Austin's ears in the Rebs' 48-13 victory.

From the look on Kent's face postgame, it didn't seem to matter to him if the Rebels did it against air, he was just happy they had a complete, clean game.

"We always felt like we were close to getting some things going, but it was good to see it come together in a game," noted Austin. "We needed to play a clean game in all areas - we needed to block better up front, run the ball harder, throw it and catch it better and not turn it over.

"We did all those things tonight and it felt pretty good. The receivers made some great adjustments tonight, which we needed to see them do, and some things just came together for us. I'm pleased with our effort and feel like we can build off this performance. I hope we take off from it."

QB Jevan Snead was 15-22 for 240 yards, three TDs and a big zero in the interception column.

"Jevan played the way he's capable of playing, but some of his previous games were not all his fault," Kent continued. "Like I said, we had to protect him better, which we did tonight, and we had to run the ball better to take some pressure off him, which we also did tonight.

"When we do those things to help him out, you can see how accurate he can be and how he can make the right reads. He was on the money and his reads were very, very good tonight."

The Rebels ran for 163 yards on 33 carries, a five-yard average, basically, and the run game got a boost from a 9-tote, 57-yard, 2-TD effort by true frosh Rodney Scott.

"Rodney is going to be a really good tailback and he already brings so much energy to the position. He runs hard and he's really strong for his size. He's deceptive in that regard until you see defenders bounce off of him," Kent stated. "I love his quickness to the hole and his vision as well. I'm anxious to see him continue to develop."

Austin was also pleased with the performance of his relief pitcher, QB Nathan Stanley, who was 6-9 for 98 yards, a TD pass and no picks.

"He played very well. Nathan was very accurate and he threw the deep ball very well. The one to (Jesse) Grandy was excellent and I thought his best throw was the one to Melvin (Harris) that was almost a touchdown and was a terrific throw in tight coverage," said Kent. "He was calm and was seeing the defense very well."

Going to make to Austin's remark about the Rebel receivers making the right adjustments, that may not sound like much, but it's critical in his offense and in his passing game.

"In our pattern structure, one of our guys has to adjust his route based on coverage. We have not been getting some of those correct this year, but tonight we did," he explained. "One time Shay (Hodge) was running a corner route, but the deep third was covered so he bit down and made the route into a corner hook. That's the first time this year we have read that right and I was glad to see that. I know that seems insignificant, but it's not. We need to see those kinds of things continue out of all our players, not just the receivers."

Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix was happy with the win, and that's about it. . .

Nice game, coach!

"If you say so. . . " said Nix. "I'm smiling, but only because we won. We played a good quarter the second quarter of the game, but other than that, I don't know what we were doing out there. (QB) Joe Webb is a terrific player, he was trying to tackle a ghost at times, but we have to do a better job than we did on him.

"Their run game hurt us some today. It did not surprise me that Joe is a great player - I recruited him and know him well, but I guess some of our players didn't get the memo all week. We showed them on film what he can do. I guess they had to see it for themselves."

What Nix was happy about was keeping UAB from scoring many points, despite their 351 total yards.

"We continue to be effective in the Red Zone and that's always a good thing. I don't look too much at the yards at the end of the game other than to correct mistakes, but I do look at the points and we are doing a good job in that area," he closed.

The Rebs are now 4-2 with Arkansas headed this way next Saturday.

"We needed a game like this to get us on the right track," Austin said. "Practicing this week will be more fun than it was last week, for sure."

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