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After feeling like they may not have put their best foot forward a week ago, the Rebels were pleased to have gotten their act together against UAB in the 48-13 win Saturday night. Read about it inside.

The following are quotes from some key players after the Rebels defeated UAB 48-13 in Oxford Saturday night and raised their seasonal record to 4-2.

DE Kentrell Lockett: (On defending a mobile quarterback) It was something new. You're used to the quarterback sitting back there and even taking that lick, but that was totally different today. Their guy was going to do anything he could to not take a sack. I still think we did a pretty good job of getting him down and getting hit on him. But we could have done better. (On the defense's overall performance) We played well. We came out slow at first and weren't really playing as fast as we wanted to. But then we kind of got it going as the game wore on and started playing the way we're supposed to. Overall, I think we did well. (On the relief felt by the unit with the offense playing well) It's just a sense of security. When the offense is playing well, you know you only have to do your part. We can win with seven points, but when the offense keeps scoring like they did, it gives us such a sense of security. It gives you a cushion of how freely you can play when the offense has it going like that. (On where the defense stands six games in) We're a stingy defense. We're a stingy defensive line too. We try to make all the plays before anybody else does. For the most part, we're where we need to be. Obviously, there's always room for improvement. But as of now, I think we're fine.

DE Marcus Tillman: (On defending a mobile quarterback) Athletic quarterbacks always give defenses problems and this guy was very athletic. Everybody just had to come with a lot of intensity. We didn't start off very fast and he took advantage of it. But we calmed down and got ourselves together. He didn't do as much in the second half. (On where the defense stands six games in) When we come out, we try and compete against other defenses. But we've lost some games when competing against opposing defenses. That's how we look at it. We don't give up a lot of points, but we can get better. We're nowhere near where we're capable of being. (On the play of the offense) It's always a relief when the offense is clicking and moving the ball. It was great to see that. It gives us a lot of confidence for the rest of the season and hopefully we get into this thing and it snowballs. Hopefully it will build up some momentum and we'll finish the season strong. (On playing without senior CB Marshay Green) We all have full confidence in Jeremy (McGee). We know he can do the job. We have more cornerbacks than people think and I really thought he did a good job tonight."

RB Rodney Scott: (On getting into a rhythm against UAB) It's not so much of a rhythm, but how you feel after the first carry. That tells me how it's going to be. (On his game) I feel pretty good about my performance. The offense played really well, but it started up front with the offensive line. They were opening up a lot of holes and I was hitting them. (On the offense rebounding after last week) All week in practice, Coach Nutt has been telling us to be patient because we were going to catch our rhythm. Today, we made up our mind that it was going to be tonight. (On the commitment to the running game) Coach said we were going to come out and run. It opened up some stuff for us. We hit them in the mouth. I'm one of those tailbacks who loves to run between the tackles. (On his first career touchdown) It felt pretty good. But like I said, it starts with the offensive line.

WR Jesse Grandy: (On his comfort level as a returner) I very comfortable back there. I think I bring a little speed to the table. (On the touchdown return) It was just determination. I saw a hole and just hit it hard. I felt I had to get there. I actually thought someone was behind me. (On his preference between kick return or punt return) If I had to choose, I'd rather return kicks. But I'll do anything to help the team. (On playing his home-state school in Arkansas next week) I'm very excited. That's the home-state school. I know a lot of players over there and have already gotten a lot of calls. I can't wait.

QB Jevan Snead: (On the UAB game compared to last week) It's night and day. To come out and get a quality win and to play offense the way we know we can is a great feeling. I got into a rhythm tonight. I threw some good balls early and it relaxed me and took some of the strain off me. It was fun to get in a groove. It was fun to see everyone doing their jobs at the same time. I think we can take off now. I think all we needed was a game like this and we can build on it and play offense the way we did last year. We played our kind of football. (On working through the rough spots) I never lost my confidence in the offense. It's been frustrating, knowing we can do better, but I never lost confidence in myself or my teammates. I knew it was in there somewhere. What's been frustrating is that we've been so spotty and hadn't developed any consistency. Tonight, we got some consistency and that feels great. (On his supporting cast) I didn't get sacked and I didn't have many hurries. I had a great pocket all night. The OL stepped up big time. The backs ran hard and the receivers did a real nice job reading coverages and making the right adjustments with their rights.

CB Jeremy McGee: (On starting for Marshay Green) I did OK, I guess, but I know I could have played better. I tried to play like Marshay and not let the defense miss a beat. I played hard, but I could have made a few more plays, I think. (On his interception) It felt good to get that first pick. I read that all the way. I jumped the corner route and was in good position to make a play on the ball.

P Tyler Campbell: (On his comfort level) I'm a lot more relaxed than when I got the job for the South Carolina game. Each game, I'm more comfortable back there. I feel the more comfortable I am, the better I'm going to punt. I'm getting smoother because I'm relaxed and when I feel smooth, I can usually get into my punts pretty good.

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