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The 48-13 win over visiting UAB last night in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium was expected, but the side benefits of gaining needed confidence could pay benefits for the rest of the season. Read what Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt had to say in his weekly Sunday teleconference inside.

The following is Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt's comments during Sunday's teleconference after the 48-13 victory over UAB Saturday night ran his team's record to 4-2.

Nutt's Opening Statement: It was good to see we got better fundamentally. We blocked better and opened some holes for our backs. Jevan (Snead) played extremely well. He was very accurate. The receivers caught the ball well. That's what we expect and I'm hoping we can build off this game and be consistent. Defensively, we can do better, but I want to give Joe Webb, their QB, credit. He's a guy who gives you problems.

Q: Was this game as much about confidence as it was anything - in terms of needing to gain some?

HDN: Absolutely, especially offensively. We didn't do much the previous week against a very good defense. They were very good, but we needed to execute better. The UAB game was about confidence and execution, everybody doing what they are supposed to do and are capable of doing. We played full speed with a sense of urgency and we were on the same page, especially the receivers with Jevan. It showed what we can do, now we have to do it consistently.

Q: Does this week against Arkansas still stir up the same emotions it did last year with you?

HDN: Pretty much. That's just the way it is. It's important because it's the next game on the schedule, and who it is just makes it that much bigger.

Q: Talk about TB Rodney Scott's presence in the game.

HDN: He did a great job for his first time with significant carries. He played well without the ball with two knockdowns, too. He gives us some real energy out there that we need. He doesn't have the knowledge of Brandon Bolden or Cordera (Eason), but what he does bring is a real package of toughness, quickness, ability to see the hole, break a tackle - I was excited about him. We'll see how he practices this week. I hope he can keep building on his performance. As long as Enrique (Davis) is out, Rodney will be getting his reps and should benefit from them. I don't want to be too quick judging him yet, but we are very excited about him and Rodney is excited, too.

Q: Why do you think Dexter McCluster is not having the production he did last year?

HDN: Everyone is aware of him now. He's getting double coverage and they find out where #22 is located on every snap. USC doubled him as did Alabama most of the time. He's a marked guy now.

Q: Is he frustrated?

HDN: No. He's a team guy and wants the team to do well. Of course he wants the ball, and we'll find more ways to get him the ball.

Q: How are Kendrick Lewis and Brandon Bolden, who had to leave the game due to injury but came back?

HDN: Kendrick hit a nerve and couldn't feel anything for a few minutes, but we x-rayed him and he was fine. Brandon got hit on the knee pretty good, but he came back too and was fine.

Q: Do you expect Pat Patterson and Rishaw Johnson to play this week?

HDN: Rishaw probably not, Pat should.

Q: How is Marshay Green?

HDN: He will practice today, but will not have any contact. He will be evaluated again Tuesday. We'll find out then if he will be cleared for contact. We do not know yet.

Q: What are your thoughts on Arkansas and how they are dangerous?

HDN: Ryan Mallett is playing as well as anyone in the league right now. I had him in my camp since the 6th grade and I know how well he can throw. He can really throw it, probably better than Bradford and McCoy as far as just throwing the ball. He's so accurate and he has good receivers that we signed when we were there. They are more comfortable in the system in their second year, but it starts with Mallett.

Q: Talk about your recruiting effort with him.

HDN: We would have signed him but we went the Mitch Mustain route so he went to Michigan. We felt he would leave Michigan though and would come back home after a year at Michigan.

Q: How is Brandon Bolden doing?

HDN: He's doing fine. We've had our problems on the OL and we are working through that. Brandon had a good night last night running the ball and on the screen pass.

Q: How did Rishaw's replacements do?

HDN: I thought Brandon Green did very well. He had three knockdowns and three finishes and competed hard. I was very proud of him. A.J. Hawkins got 31 plays and did well - he has to do better, but for the first time he did well. Bobby Massie got 17 plays at RT too and that was good for him. Brandon was the guy who showed up well though, and he will start this week.

Q: How did you decide which games Rishaw would miss and why the Arkansas game?

HDN: I started him early in the year because he had turned his life around and had had a really good summer. I didn't want to take away what he had earned early in the season. I knew he would have to miss some games, so we stopped with UAB and let Brandon go.

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