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Auburn is ranked second in the SEC in total offense. Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix knows why. Read his thoughts about the upcoming game inside.





All words Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix used to describe his group's next challenge - Auburn's offense.

"They are very explosive. They are up-tempo, fast-paced and you see all kinds of formations, motions and shifts," said Nix, whose defense is on a roll that has lasted most of this season to this point. "They are averaging 400-plus yards per game, which is second in the SEC. They are really explosive."

Nix said he is not being reeled in by the fact Auburn's offense has not been as productive in a couple of games as they were when they started off the season 5-0.

"They've played some good teams. That has had a lot to do with their recent results on offense," Nix stated. "Also, their opponets' offenses have kept the ball away from them a lot. LSU took off against them and kept their offense off the field.

"I think their offense is like a time bomb waiting to go off again. I just hope it's not Saturday."

One of his biggest concerns is how the Auburn offense likes to line up and go to the next play very quickly into the 40-second clock.

"That tempo is something you have to be very aware of," he continued. "It's a challenge for our kids to get lined up quickly and correctly at a rapid pace. It may not allow us to rotate personnel as often as we have in the past. They don't give you enough time to get four or five guys off the field and four or five new ones out there. The rules do state that anytime they change personnel we get a certain amount of time to match it, but it's hard matching four or five guys instead of one or two.

"I don't have any concerns about getting our calls in on time. We'll do that, but personnel moves is a different story and something everyone will have to be very alert with at all times."

Tyrone feels Auburn's offense is both conventional and unique.

"They do some things that are typical of most spread offenses, but then they do some unorthodox stuff," he noted. "Most spread offenses are dictated on what type of QB you have.

"They've got two they use a lot. One is a dropback guy who can make all the throws and then they have the athlete in Kodi Burns who gives them more of a running dimension. Sometimes they are on the field at the same time so sometimes you really won't know what you are going to get. You have to get your guys alert to all that and make sure they are executing their assignments regardless of the situation."

The War eagles run a Wildcat formation with Burns. They throw out of it more than most Wildcat sets.

"Kodi came in here last year and threw for over 300 yards last year, so we know he can pass the ball well," Nix stated. "That's yet another dimension you have to be alert about."

Auburn OC Gus Malzahn worked for Reb Coach Houston Nutt at Arkansas for a brief time. Does Tyrone feel Nutt's knowledge of Gus' offense will be a benefit to the Rebs?

"Coach Nutt and other coaches who were at Arkansas at the time know a lot about that offense, but what is important is what our kids know," Nix stated. "Coaches know a lot about every scheme we face, but it's all about what you can get your kids to understand and execute in a short period of time to prepare.

"It's our job to get them well-schooled in the tempo they will face and get our guys to play fast with an understanding of what they are seeing. Their whole design is to create confusion and to go fast enough where you wear down mentally and start beating yourself with fatigue in the mental aspect of it."

As always, however, the number one priority will be trying to stop or slow down the Auburn run game, led by TB Ben Tate.

"We have to minimize the run game, number one. If we can dictate passing situations, we feel that will be to our advantage," Nix closed.

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