Nutt: 'It's just disappointing'

The following is Coach Houston Nutt's postgame remarks after Ole Miss lost at Auburn.

Nutt: It's just disappointing. That's not the way we had it planned. It hurts. I thought we had greater preparation throughout the week, and guys were ready to play. Give them credit. They did a good job playing very physical. I thought we had our chances. We were up and down the field our first half. But I was hoping for much more than seven points. That first drive was beautiful. We needed at least 14 or 17 in the first half as much as we got up and down the field. Then we all that, Grandy really gives us a shot in the arm, and then McCluster makes his run. So I really thought we were going to win 34-33, especially when the defense got us that turnover. You just can't turn it over. That's our problem. We turn the ball over.

Q: Are you disappointed you weren't able to get more pressure on Chris Todd?

Nutt: Yeah, sometimes. They do so many different things you're trying to cover your bases. But I was hoping for a little bit more pressure.

Q: Have you ever been involved in a third quarter like that?

Nutt: Maybe one other time in a scoring fest like that. But when Grandy returned that kick, I really thought we were back in it. Our sideline was generally into it. I thought the air went out of them a little bit, but we just didn't capitalize like we needed to.

Q: You didn't seem to be able to attack deep very well offensively.

Nutt: There toward the end they were deepest, lot of two deep, man underneath, sometimes mixing it up. So it's hard. Maybe a little earlier we should have gone deep a couple of times. We're running the ball so good. We're getting five yards, six yards. Play action was good. That's what Jevan does best. So you try to go with what Jevan's been successful with and what he feels comfortable with. It's just disappointing that we had opportunities. I see it more that we stopped ourselves. Brandon's fumble. That really cost us going toward the red zone. Then the defense gets a fumble, and we don't come up with any points on that one. That really hurt us. So that's what's frustrating.

Q: How bad did it hurt you when Dexter got hurt?

Nutt: The little span there, I don't know how many minutes it was, but it was at least two possessions, that really hurt us with him out. Everything is built around him pretty good with what we had in.

Q: Was it his lower back?

Nutt: He had some spasms. He got hit in the neck and the head and lower back.

Q: What kind of beating did he take today? You had talked about managing his touches.

Nutt: That's what you worry about. You just worry about how many times he can touch it with his weight and size.

Q: How do you think he will come back from today? Nutt: He got hit pretty good, but he's a winner and a fighter. He'll get back as soon as he can.

Q: With Dexter being so involved in the running game, are you surprised no other running back has emerged?

Nutt: Right now we're just putting that ball in his hands. He's getting the most opportunities. He gives us our best chance, along with a mixture of Bolden.

Q: Was Auburn's offense pretty much what you expect?

Nutt: They got us a couple of times on a couple of busts there. We had our eyes in the wrong spots. I hate the cheap one we gave up, the cheap tight end play.

Q: Did you think on Tate's TD run that the defense got emotionally down?

Nutt: Got down a little bit. I've got to look at the film. I don't know if somebody got cracked, but I know the support wasn't right. Something happened on that.

Q: What happened on the tight end play?

Nutt: Just our eyes. I don't know if it was the safety or the corner. Got caught up in the fake and let their guy go.

Q: The way your team has played the last couple of weeks, does this kind of puzzle you?

Nutt: Anytime you go on the road in the SEC, you know what to expect. We've been in it long enough, you know it's a dogfight every single game.

Q: But after that first series, you had to feel good.

Nutt: We've been playing good the last two or three weeks. We've been coming out of the chute good and executing. We felt good about it. Felt good about our offense and defense, everything.

Q: Do you expect any problems coming back from this?

Nutt: We're going to win next week and get back and then hit that three-game stretch. We've still got a chance to go to a bowl and our guys known that. They know what that's like. They tasted that last year, and they know what that's like.

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