Sunday Teleconference

The Rebels turned the dial just enough to win in easy fashion against Northern Arizona. Now it's time to get ready for the real thing as UT rolls into town Saturday morning. Read Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt's Sunday teleconference inside.

Q: What is the injury situation?

Nutt: Everyone will be back for Tennessee.

Q: Did SS Johnny Brown play?

Nutt: No, not at all. (groin injury)

Q: Did you read any of the comments Shay Hodge and Kentrell Lockett made about playing Tennessee and Ed Orgeron? Do you feel like the guys who were there during the Orgeron era are keyed up for this game?

Nutt: I haven't heard anything about that. They have not talked to me about that.

Q: What have you thought about the job Lane Kiffen has done at UT?

Nutt: Here lately they are starting to play real good football.

Q: What do you think of Kiffen's brash approach to bringing attention to his program?

Nutt: I haven't given it any thought. I have my hands full trying to run our program and get our guys ready each week. I really don't think about it much.

Q: What are your concerns with UT with what you have seen on film?

Nutt: The last five weeks they have played so much better on both sides of the ball. To do what they did against Alabama was kind of like our defense in that they didn't give up explosive plays. They are very sound. Monte (Kiffen) is one of the best in the world at devising a scheme and is a tremendous coordinator. So you know what you are in for for 60 minutes with him. They also have a lot of athletes. One thing about Phillip Fulmer, he left them with some really good athletes on both sides of the ball. You know it's going to be a big time battle.

Q: Is there any influence of the NFL with Monte's defensive system and if so are there any major differences in the college looks you get each week?

Nutt: Not that much. He's famous for the Tampa 2 coverage. There's Okie front, Bear front, 4-3 - he's going to run them all and we see all of that in college as well.

Q: Will you have a talk with the guys who played for Ed and channel that emotion down a little? Or will you have to approach that at all?

Nutt: I'm not concerned with that. I'm more concerned about how we prepare each day, starting with today. We have to have tremendous focus and attention this week because our preparation has to be at its best. To win this SEC game here at home, we have to have our best week. The last thing I am worried about it huddling up and seeing what my guys think about Ed coming back to Oxford. I'm not concerned about that.

Q: Will Bradley Sowell and John Jerry be back?

Nutt: Absolutely.

Q: Have you always picked and chosen which games they would miss when they missed class?

Nutt: I've never had this to deal with before. At Arkansas, I handled it physically - extra running, extra study hall hours, getting them up at 5:30 a.m. to run, things like that. Ole Miss' academic department policy is different. I'm going to wait and evaluate that at the end of the season.

Q: What did you think of some of the new guys who got extended play last night, like Bobby Massie?

Nutt: They played very, very well. I was very proud of Bobby - he was outstanding. Tank Washington was also good. Reid Neely was very good at left tackle considering. Bobby had eight knockdowns and 15 finishes. What I loved about him is that he doesn't stop after he finishes his guy. He keeps going and finds work. He led our team in finishes last night, which is very good.

Q: Did you gain enough confidence in some of them to give them time in a game like UT?

Nutt: Absolutely. I'm not afraid to put Bobby in there at all now.

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