Nutt's Sunday teleconference

Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt was elated after his team's 42-17 shelling of Tennessee. Why wouldn't he be? Read his comments from Sunday's teleconference inside.

The following is a transcript of Coach Houston Nutt's brief Sunday teleconference after Ole Miss became bowl-eligible by defeating SEC foe Tennessee 42-17 Saturday afternoon in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

Nutt's Opening Comment: After watching the film, I was really proud of the effort on both sides of the ball. Everyone played extremely hard. We blocked better than we have blocked in a long time. Bobby Massie, John Jerry, Daverin Geralds, Reid Neely, Bradley Sowell, Gerald Harris, Ferbia Allen and Andy Hartmann were all outstanding. Dexter, of course, is just phenomenal. He did special things, no doubt. The key to the game was when we threw that interception and the defense stopped them on a four-down series. We got the ball back with good field position, ate some clock and scored. Kentrell Lockett and Kendrick Lewis blocked another field goal - that was good. I was just proud of them - they came to play. We just want to continue with that consistency. We have another tremendous challenge in LSU coming up. Besides Alabama, they are the best defense we will face. Their receivers are tall and fast and we know how big and strong their tailbacks are.

Q: How did you come out of the game injury-wise?

HDN: Not too badly. We got the normal bumps and bruises. We have some ankle injuries - this has been the year of the ankle for us. Ankle, ankle, ankle every game, especially at linebacker. Hopefully we can limp through the last two weeks.

Q: What about Jevan Snead's ankle specifically?

HDN: I saw him at church this morning and he seemed to be doing OK.

Q: Talk a bit about DE Emmanuel Stephens and his late surge.

HDN: Emmanuel has one speed - 100% every snap. I have been really impressed with him. Coach Terry Price felt Emmanuel played his best game yesterday. He had a lot of production. He had 38 plays, a tackle for a loss, three QB pressures, a sack, a pass broken up - I tell you he just gave us a tremendous effort. I'm really proud of him and Lockett, who was playing about half sick. Marcus Tillman has been the most consistent. Just really proud of them, especially Emmanuel here lately.

Q: How is Patrick Trahan's foot/ankle?

HDN: It was unbelievable he played, but he played very well. Jonathan Cornell and Allen Walker also played well. I'm hoping Patrick is going to be OK this week and doesn't show up like he did Friday not being able to walk.

Q: Talk about MLB D.T. Shackelford.

HDN: His ankle situation is not good. He could not warm up yesterday so we took him off everything. I'm hoping by Tuesday we'll be able to get something out of him, but it doesn't look good. Both his ankles are hurt and those high ankle sprains are very difficult to heal.

Q: What are your thoughts about PK Josh Shene's inconsistencies lately?

HDN: He's a little off, it seems, but we think he will finish strong. We've got a world of confidence in him.

Q: LSU had trouble with Louisiana Tech yesterday. Do you feel they are vulnerable?

HDN: No. You know how that goes. When you jump out of the league it's always difficult. To get sky high for 12 straight games is tough. I don't buy into them being down at all. They have a very, very good football team and they will give us their best Saturday.

Q: Do you expect Jefferson to play Saturday?

HDN: Absolutely.

Q: It appeared PK Andrew Ritter had his best outing yesterday. Your thoughts?

HDN: He had his best outing in four weeks. We asked him to put the ball in the corner and he did that. He had a touchback and one two yards deep. The ones that didn't reach the end zone had good hang time. That just gives you a chance and we will need that this week against Trendon Holliday for LSU.

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