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The Rebels will not soon forget what is already being called a classic - the 25-23 victory over LSU on national TV before a sellout crowd at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Read their thoughts inside.

QB Jevan Snead: (On the offense in the fourth quarter) "First of all, I just want to thank God for the opportunity to come out here and to get a win like that. The fourth quarter was huge for us. The offensive line did a great job of stepping up and obviously our running backs did a great job of running the ball and taking care of it." (On the resiliency of the team this season) "We just came together as a team and didn't really listen to what other people outside of the program had to say. We've known we're a good team all along. Now we've gotten on a roll and are playing like one. This is the point in the season where wins are really big. I'm excited about it." (On the thrilling finish) ""It's an instant classic. Honestly, I'm still at a loss for words. Just to be able to play in a great game like that against a great team and still come out with a victory, it's amazing. It's one of those games I'll always remember." (On his feeling from the sideline after the onsides recovery) "I still had all the faith in the world in our defense. I knew they could pull out a stop. I was on the sideline praying and just watching. I really couldn't do much else. It's one of those games where I'm still at a loss of words. (On the bowl situation) "We're still taking it one game at a time. At the same time, we know we've put ourselves in position to where if we do win this next game, then we can go to a big-time bowl. We knew what we were playing for coming into this game and we couldn't be happier with the outcome."

RB Dexter McCluster: (On his first career completion going for a touchdown) "I had a chance to watch Jevan for a couple of years to get my rhythm right. It felt good to get my first touchdown and my first completion in my last game at Vaught-Hemingway. (On how the play developed) "We knew they were going to bite hard on the run. Shay (Hodge) stepped in behind the coverage and I knew he was going to catch it. He was so wide open, I could have probably drop-punted it to him." (On grinding out yardage against a stingy LSU defense) "It felt like they were keying on me. They were coming real fast and flying to the ball. The yards I got tonight were tough yards. We just had to pound it and that opened things up for other guys. When you've got a steady balance, you can get receivers open." (On the final minute) "It was tough. That last second seemed like an eternity. I kind of felt like the clock should have been winding down. I don't know where that second came from. But a win's a win. (On the feel at halftime) "Getting the blocked field goal hurt, but we went into halftime and made adjustments. We believed and didn't let go of the rope. We did this for the seniors." (On which senior stepped up at intermission) "I would say John Jerry. He really stepped up and showed some emotion. He wanted it and we followed him." (On the onside kick) "We work on it every day, but the ball was coming so fast. I wasn't sure if I should dive on it or let it bounce. I was really in a lose-lose situation. They got it back, but our defense held up strong and won the game for us." (On possibly participating in a Florida bowl) "It's big for me. A lot of my family who don't get to come see me could have a chance. If we're in Florida, I'll have a mob there."

WR Shay Hodge: (On the trick play for a touchdown) "I knew (Dexter) was going to throw it. We'd practiced it all week. It was great timing. Dexter had been running the ball so well. When Coach Nutt called the play, I envisioned it working in my mind. It was exactly how I saw it in my head." (On Markeith Summers' contributions) "With him getting the ball early, we'd designed some plays to get him the ball, it really opened things up for me. I was able to catch a couple of big passes because he and Dexter played as decoys a little bit. (On Patrick Peterson) "He guarded me most of the game. He's really good." (On the last minute) "We all were just hoping and praying. I had nothing but belief that they would stop them. Coach (Tyrone) Nix is a great defensive coordinator. He dialed up the pressure when they needed to. I had all the confidence in the world that they would stop them."

CB Cassius Vaughn: (On the emotions of his final home game) "Emotionally, I'm ecstatic. But at the same time I'm sad that this was the last time I'll be playing in this stadium. This program has done so much for me. Ole Miss has opened up a lot of opportunities for me down the road. It's a great school and great city. I appreciate this university so much." (On the togetherness of the team) "We're all together. The best thing Coach Nutt brought to us was a sense of family. We didn't have that before he got here. We have brotherhood in this program." (On the dive into the end zone for a penalty) "I was diving to get into the end zone because I saw a defender next to me. If I would have known that I was going to get flagged, I would have tried to run it in. But when I saw a defender to my left, I just knew I had to get into the end zone. So I dove. It was really not for celebration." (On if he jokingly said anything to the official) "I joked with him on the next series. I thought I'd get a call my way on the next series or something. But then he flagged me again (laughing). It's all good. Just to come out victorious was fun." (On getting hit by a flag) "I have to say, getting a flag to the testicles wasn't fun. Maybe they'll review it and learn to throw to the side (laughing). I saw it coming. I tried to catch it, but my hands weren't quick enough. It felt like a brick."

DE Emmanuel Stephens: (On his late sack) "I was up against No. 70 (Ciron Black) all night and we were both dead tired at the end. I caught his eye and knew I could be athlete enough for one play to beat him. I got around him and saw the quarterback waiting. When I got him in my sites, I was determined to get him."

DE Kentrell Lockett: (On the end of the game) "It didn't seem like it would ever end, but I knew we only needed one play to get it over with. Emmanuel's sack and Patrick's play on the screen pass were both huge. It put them out of field goal range. Emmanuel's sack was crazy. They tried to slide protect and Emmanuel has to much speed for that protection. I was getting chipped all day and Emmanuel was taking advantage of only having to beat the tackle, which he did a lot." (On the seniors getting a win in their last home game) "It was incredible. We wanted this one badly for them. I can't tell you how happy I am for them. They deserve it." (On staying up when things went wrong early on) "We had three more quarters to play and knew there were a lot of things that could happen. I could tell our offense was going to move the ball all night and all we had to do was do our part and we could overcome those early setbacks. We stuck together and didn't let those things get us down. We just played with pride and didn't let breaks bother us."

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