Nutt: 'What a win for these seniors'

The following is Coach Houston Nutt's postgame press conference.

Nutt: What a win for these seniors. What a way for them to go out in Vaught- Hemingway. They've got a lot of heart. I'm really proud of them. It took everybody. I was concerned when we didn't score right down there at the end. We were using the clock well. I just wanted to score and it would have been over. I was prepared for overtime. When they didn't make the two-point conversion, I was scared about the onside (kick). We teach the front line if it's too hot let it go, and the second line will get it. They timed it up just right, and they have great athletes. You were holding your breath every play. Our defense was outstanding. They got some sacks at the right time, put pressure on at the right time. I thought Ty did a marvelous job of calling plays on that side of the ball. Our guys just played. We dedicated this game to the seniors. I'm really proud of them."

Q: What made you decide to give Dexter another chance to throw the ball?

Nutt: I don't mind him throwing the ball when he's away from the traffic. When you're in the Wild Rebel and you're 5 foot 8, and you can't see in the league we the play in. We knew all eyes would be on him. I was trying to get it to the left middle so he would have time to really stretch it. He did a beautiful job of selling it, and as soon as I saw the safety and the corner suck up, Shay sold it too. He broke down like he was going to crack the safety like he'd been doing the previous play. When you're running counters, running counters, running counters, in their mind its stop No. 22 and here they come. It was going to be a three-yard gain but he pulled up.

Q: Does he have the option right there?

Nutt: No, no. It was called a six halfback pass. If something goes wrong, run it. If he's not open, run it. But it is a called play. He can throw it or run it.

Q: Talk about going for two at 17-15.

Nutt: I want to tie it 17-17 going in at half. I wanted to go into the dressing room 17-17. I didn't think it wouldn't hurt us either way, 17-15 or 17-16. Not much difference. I just felt like we were OK.

Q: Early in this one there were several positive plays for you that got taken off the scoreboard. Talk about those.

Nutt: I really was so disappointed. You think it's going to be 10-0 with our home crowd advantage. Between that one and Shay Hodge's touchdown pass, that was very difficult to take. You don't get the interception return and then you line up to kick a field goal and you go 180 degrees to them getting seven points. That hurts. Tough emotional deal. It was important to stay up. I felt like we were moving the ball. I felt if we could keep our defense fresh we would be in good shape. But that was frustrating.

Q: Talk about Jevan Snead's fourth quarter.

Nutt: Awesome. To handle the clock the way you want to, manage the game, make some key throws, and he didn't throw an interception. That's the bottom line. Don't turn it over. When you don't turn it over, you have a chance. We've become a real good offense when we don't turn it over.

Q: After you had to refocus your team goals, how difficult was that earlier this season?

Nutt: What's difficult was that bubble bursting in Columbia. The world we live in outside these walls, when we talk to them inside we feel good. But when you leave this building we knew that was going to be a bigtime Dr. Phil job. Because everybody was talking about Atlanta. When that doesn't happen, what they hear going to class or what they hear on the street is like it's a wasted year. A lot of people didn't think we were going to win another conference game. It's easy to let go of the tope and give up. That's what I love about our team. We didn't. Like tonight. We get to celebrate until midnight. We've got a huge game next week. Huge. It's important we finish the right way. Our guys have character this year and I'm proud of them.

Q: What were your thoughts on the final drive for LSU?

Nutt: Getting sick. Getting sick. Upset stomach. It was bad. I just thought we'd get the onsides kick and we didn't get that. I'm thinking all they had to do was get to the 30, and they've got a strong legged kicker. Then we got the sack and got excited. Then they throw the Hail Mary. Knock the ball down, but they make a great catch. We're there trying to knock it down.

Q: Your teams in November are 7-0 at Ole Miss. What do you that attribute that to.

Nutt: Believing in them. Encouraging them. Never doubting them. Keep being positive and trying to get better. It's very true. They Remember in November. We've got a lot of distinguished gentlemen here, and we're glad y'all are here. Our guys are looking forward to that, but we've got one more 60 minute game. The biggest thing you can attribute that to is senior leadership, not letting go of the rope, and then keep believing and keep working when the outside world says you can't. If they're No. 8 in the country, we ought to be No. 9 or 10. I love the journey and they've hung in there, especially in November.

Q: What did you say to Coach Miles afterward?

Nutt: I just respect the coaches and what we go through. We could very easily be feeling the way he's feeling. My heart goes out. It's a tough, tough business. It could have gone either way. Les is a good guy, a good person. I just wished him the best. It's a tough deal when you lose one like that. One play here, one play there. He's got an excellent club and does a really good job. That was basically it.

Q: You've been a part of some wild games? Where does this one rank.

Nutt: It's up there. Way up there. You want a number? Top 5.

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