Nutt: 'It's a sick feeling'

The following is Coach Houston Nutt's postgame press conference in Starkville.

Nutt: It's a sick feeling, a sick feeling right there. It's not what we had planned, not the intentions we had planned for these guys. We wanted to go out the right for these guys. Give them credit. They did a good job today. We didn't do a good job stopping the run today. Then we turned the ball over. You can't turn the ball over. That's the bottom line. In a rival game like this, those three hours you've got to be ready to go and you've got to take care of it. We knew coming in we had to stop the run and be able to run it. They beat us.

Q: The option game gave you a lot of trouble.

Nutt: They did a good job of mixing up a few schemes, different schemes. You look up and that's one of the shortest games I've ever been a part of. That clock's moving. That game flew by.

Q: How did y'all simulate the option during the week?

Nutt: Raymond Cotton. We put Enrique Davis back there to simulate Anthony Dixon.

Q: What about Jevan's performance?

Nutt: He did some good things and a couple of throws he missed. Little bit inconsistent.

Q: Was your team emotionally drained coming in?

Nutt: It's been 11 straight weeks of ball. I knew this would be very tough. Looking at the schedule this summer, I knew this would be one of the toughest ones. Tennessee, LSU, this one. Patrick Trahan, bless his heart, he's out there on one leg, trying to give it his all, and he's not full speed.

Q: When your team scored that touchdown late in the first half to go up 13-10, did you think maybe you had taken their best shot?

Nutt: Yes. I felt really good at the half. They had a bunch of emotion. We took their best shot. I really thought we were going to control the football game.

Q: Were you expecting Relf and Dixon to do that much damage?

Nutt: Those to me were the guys that made the difference right there. The big man running the ball was a load. Big 14 and Dixon.

Q: How did they slow down McCluster?

Nutt: Just ganging up at the line of scrimmage. Overpopulating. All eyes on him. Taking the edge away.

Q: Offensively is it getting tough because Jevan is having a hard time getting downfield?

Nutt: We've had some good weeks now. We've had some good weeks.

Q: Any thoughts on the atmosphere?

Nutt: It was allright.

Q: What so you think the win will do for their program?

Nutt: I don't know. I'm really more concerned about our program, and I know we're going to a bowl. We'll take advantage of that time to get our guys better. I told our guys to make sure they really suck in this feeling, our younger guys, Because this is a bad feeling.

Q: Last year you had a ton of momentum going into the bowl game. This year, not so much.

Nutt: We've got time. We'll be fine. That's 11 straight weeks of ball. Lot of emotion the last three weeks. That's a pretty long stretch. It's a tough deal now emotionally and physically for 11 weeks, unless you've done it, it's a tough deal. We've got some guys beat up. All I can ask them to do is to play as hard as they can play. That's what they've done for me all year.

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