Greyshirt center ready to start practicing

After a semester of running and lifting weights, greyshirt Center Evan Swindall will get his long-awaited shot at being a full-fledged member of the Ole Miss football team beginning December 12th in the on-campus bowl practices. Read about it inside.

Evan Swindall, a greyshirt who has been going to school at Ole Miss for a semester, will get to join the Ole Miss football team December 12th as a "fulltime" member.

The 6-foot-3, 290-pounder couldn't have timed it any better.

Evan, you see, is a center, and the Rebels are in dire need of finding the right guy to fill the middle of the offensive line for 2010 and beyond.

Senior Daverin Geralds, even though he will apply for a fifth year due to medical reasons from his true freshman year, is likely to graduate, leaving the center spot empty if Geralds is not granted another season.

"I know the center position will be wide open," said the quiet Hoover, AL, native. "I intend to compete for the job."

Due to NCAA rules, Swindall has not been able to practice with the team or use team facilities, but he and fellow greyshirt Mike Marry have been working out diligently all semester at the Turner Center, the student activity center.

"I got a training manual from the coaches and Mike and I have been following that every day with running and lifting. We are both excited about getting to practice on the 12th," Swindall noted.

During the semester away from football, Evan has attacked his upper body strength and has gotten needed results.

"I've dropped some body fat and have put on some muscle. I'm still 290 pounds, but it's a different 290 pounds than in the summer," he noted. "I've gained a lot of upper body strength.

"I'm also moving better. I can tell a difference in my quickness. I'm now benching 340 pounds and I also did 225 pounds 17 times recently. That's not where I need to be, but that's a big jump for me and it gives me confidence."

The semi-isolation of the fall semester has helped Swindall grow up, he believes.

"You have to be self-motivated and disciplined to do what Mike and I have done," Evan said. "It's helped me get ready for what is facing me."

Swindall says he's not nervous at all about joining the team and getting going with practice.

"I hang out in the dorm with a lot of the freshmen players and my roommate is Chris Gill, so they have kind of prepared me for everything," Swindall closed. "It's going to be fun. I'm anxious to get started."

Swindall and Marry will not be able to travel to the Cotton Bowl with the team, but they will get a healthy taste of the pre-Dallas practices, which will get them ready for spring ball.

After a long semester, all systems are go for Evan Swindall.

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