From the Locker Room

ARLINGTON, Texas - Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt always talks of a "celebrated locker room" following a win. Well, the party was alive and well after the Rebels finished off No. 21 Oklahoma State 21-7 Saturday.

RB Dexter McCluster: (On becoming the first player in SEC history to total 1,000 yards rushing and 500 yards receiving in the same season) "Man, it's a blessing just to be a part of the SEC, and to be a part of Ole Miss. Coming into the game, I wasn't really worried about (the record). I wanted to win and do whatever I could do to help this team win. I knew if I did that, it would fall into place, which it did. I give all the glory to the Lord for everything I did today." (On his career high 32 carries in the win) "I don't have a problem with getting the ball that many times. Coach Nutt has the faith in me to take care of the ball. He knows I can make plays happen." (On his mindset entering the game) "I come in with the mindset as I'm not going to worry about the (opposing) defense. I want them to worry about me. Coach Nutt has that faith in me to go out there and get the job done." (On his season at running back) "I always dreamt about coming in and being an SEC running back. A lot of people said I couldn't do it. I want to thank (Coach Nutt) for that." (On the legacy he's leaving) "I had the heart of a lion, the heart of champion. I had the heart to beat 4,000 men. When you play like that week in and week out, good things are going to happen. Hard work pays off."

CB Marshay Green: (On the success of the Rebels' defense against OSU) "In the last game we played against Mississippi State, we had a bad taste in our mouths. Everybody on the defensive staff made a promise to each other that we weren't going to leave the field like that. Basically, we came out and played balls out today. Anybody that came into our area, we were knocking heads." (On the defense keeping the game close) "Coach Nix always tells us that you can only control what you can control. Our offense kind of struggled today, but we can control was we can control. Therefore, our job was to stop them from scoring and play balls out on defense. That's what we did."

LB Patrick Trahan: (On getting snubbed for Defensive MVP) "So the guy from Oklahoma State got it? But they lost. It's my third Cotton Bowl. But it's ok. He can take the loss and take the trophy. I can go home a winner. But I need a plaque or something, because they didn't give me the trophy." (On the win) "This was the icing on the cake to a great two years at Ole Miss. I wish I had more time with these coaches. They really helped me and I really wanted to pay them back. This was a great opportunity to show Coach Nutt and Coach Nix how much they mean to me." (On the defensive success against OSU) "It was just a battle. Their defense was coming up with turnovers. Whenever we play a game, we want to be the best defense on the field. We made it an initiative to outshine their defense, because that's who we have to compete with. Their defense could get turnovers on our offense, so why couldn't we get turnovers on their offense? (On what this win means for Ole Miss) "It means a lot. It's been a long time since Ole Miss won two bowl games back-to-back. They say this game is the first game of the next year and it's like an extra spring (practice) for next year. As a senior, we're leaving a good legacy that we can build on for Coach Nutt and the staff for years to come."

QB Jevan Snead: (On his game) Obviously, I'm frustrated and I'm disappointed with the way I played. The offense as a whole didn't play well. It'll be easy to see when you watch the film, just the simple stuff we messed up on as far as jumping offsides and not getting the snaps good. That was extremely disappointing for us." (On being replaced for several series by freshman quarterback Nathan Stanley) "When you're the quarterback, you want to stay the quarterback. You want to stay in the game. You want to lead your team to victory. It was ugly, but I'm still excited about the victory." (On Stanley's performance) "They kind of threw him into the fire right there. He's a young guy, and he really hasn't gotten that much experience. To be thrown into that, I think he did a good job. He's a heck of a quarterback." (On taking the hard hit) "I had to talk to the trainers. They wanted to make sure I didn't have a concussion or anything like that. They kept asking me a lot of questions and making me walk around. It rung my bell a little bit. I had a headache and all of that. I still have a little one now. Other than that, I'm fine."

QB Nathan Stanley: (On replacing Snead) "I saw him take the hit and realized it was a nasty hit. I immediately went over and grabbed my helmet just in case. As soon as I got over there, (graduate assistant coach) Clark Irwin got over there and told me to get ready and get loose. I just started getting focused, getting ready. My number was called, so I had to be ready. (On his play) "It was good. I just wanted to get in there and make plays, make something happen and get a drive going. It was really great for my first play to hand off to Dexter and it went for 86 yards. That kind of broke the ice. It was good." (On the experience he gained) "It's definitely going to help. It's a good experience for me to have a big game, a bowl game, especially in a stadium like this. It's just for the better and only helps me. I'm ready now."

DT Jerrell Powe: (On the play of the Rebel defense in the second half) "For us to make a goal line stand when the game was on the line was big. I t kind of showed our toughness. In a game like this, we want to show that the SEC is the strongest conference. For them to score, they had to use a (Tim) Tebow play (jump pass). It's always fun when you stop teams down on the goal line." (More on the goal line stand): "I told them when they were down there on the goal line right before we stopped them. I said ‘We didn't score (from the goal line), so y'all aren't going to score.' I was just talking trash." (On getting the call on the goal line at fullback) "To be honest with you, I smiled. I just knew I was going to score. But I saw the linebacker step up, so I kind of took off. When I came down, I was on the line. It was a touchdown. But like I said, for me to go down like that, I'm not going to worry about it."

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