Cotton's Wing

It was discovered RS frosh QB Raymond Cotton has a torn labrum in his shoulder. He missed some time in spring due to the soreness and pain, but he played in the spring game like nothing was wrong. What next? Read about it inside.

In Saturday's Red-Blue Game, RS frosh QB Raymond Cotton dropped back, surveyed the field and fired a 40-yard strike to Jesse Grandy streaking across the middle of the field.

Grandy did the rest on his own for an 80-yard TD.

Cotton came to the sidelines high-fiving everyone in sight.

He looked Houston Nutt in the eye and smiled.

Obviously, the arm pain he's been experiencing the past couple of weeks during spring training was, on this day, subsided.

But Cotton, it was discovered this week, has a torn labrum in his shoulder.

And it has also been decided it will have to be surgically repaired sometime. But when?

"I will have to undergo surgery whether it's now or at the end of the season," said Raymond after he went 5-7 for 178 yards and two TDs in the Red-Blue Game. "My arm has been hurting me for a while at the first of a season, but then it loosens up and I'm fine.

"This spring, we had a lot more reps and it hurt a little more, but today I felt fine, which makes me believe I can go through the season before getting surgery."

Cotton would prefer to wait until after the season because if he were to get surgery now, he would likely miss the 2010 season, something he does not want to do.

"I have the whole summer to strengthen my arm and rehab. Surgery will have to happen sooner or later, but I want it to be later. I just don't want to miss the season," he stated. "I will be on a program to help the pain. The trainers and doctors here can manage it and my coaches will not do anything to hurt me.

"If it starts hurting during the year, we'll cut back on the throwing in practice some, obviously. If it feels good, keep throwing."

Cotton will discuss the situation with more doctors, but so far he has been told that if he plays he will likely not rip it any more or do permanent damage to the shoulder.

"Even if it did rip more, the surgery wouldn't change - it would be the same surgery," Raymond stated. "I have pretty much made up my mind I am going to try to play next year.

"In the next week or so, though, I am going to talk to more doctors. I want to make absolutely sure that by playing I can't do permanent damage to my arm. That's all I care about."

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