No More Murph

Ole Miss was dealt a huge blow Friday, as rising junior Murphy Holloway announced his intention to transfer. View the videos inside.

Murphy Holloway, his decision to transfer still fresh on the minds of Ole Miss basketball fans everywhere, calmly walked into the meeting room of the basketball practice facility Friday.

He kept his head down initially and rarely made eye contact. Unlike previous media gatherings, ones where the rising junior would joke and leave the entire room laughing, he was somewhat at a loss for words.

Holloway never wants to disappoint. He was afraid of how his decision to transfer would be viewed by his head coach. His 6-month old daughter had weighted heavily on his mind since her birth, but he didn't want to give up on the university, Ole Miss, he'd grown to love over two solid seasons.

Murphy Holloway

Still, whether he wanted to or not, he had to face the music. Though uneasy, he answered each question without reservation. Actually, there was conviction in his voice as family issues back home in Irmo, S.C. came up.

Head coach Andy Kennedy admitted he was taken aback by the news.

On a team that struggled with consistency all year, Holloway became a constant, even after a uncharacteristically slow start.

He was the effort player, who would dive on the floor for loose balls and go the extra mile when his team needed a boost on the defensive end.

Kennedy has faced the departure of a starter before. Over the past two seasons, David Huertas, Malcolm White and Eniel Polynice have since left for with eligibility remaining.

Holloway was a different case, however. Here was a player not leaving for selfish reasons, such as the demand for more minutes or an increased role. To Kennedy, Holloway's decision to leave was purely another step in his maturation process.

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