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Bobby Wahl made a decision to play baseball at Ole Miss more than a year ago when he committed to the Rebels. In a matter of weeks, he will have another decision to make as far as his baseball future.

The 6-foot-4, 200-pound pitcher appears to be on every professional team's radar and in some mock drafts as a top 100 pick for the upcoming draft, which begins June 7. He appears to be a top 5 round draft pick according to several sources.

But Wahl says he hasn't worried all that much about it. His West Springfield (Va.) High team begins its playoff season Friday, and that's first and foremost on his mind.

"We're first in our district and the No. 1 seed at 16-3 this season," said the right-handed pitcher. "We're No. 2 in our region, so it's been a good year so far."

The same can be said about his own season. Wahl is 7-0 with a 1.6 ERA and 70 strikeouts. In his most recent game, he pitched five innings and struck out 12, had no-hit the opposition (Annandale, Va. High), and his own team was up 8-0 when he left the contest.

"I've been throwing the ball pretty well lately," he said. "It was cold for our earlier games, and it's finally warmed up. I'm beginning to loosen up, and my body and arm feel good now."

He honestly admits he hasn't been consumed by draft talk and professional baseball thoughts. He has focused on his high school team and helping them advance as far as they can.

"After that, my mindset is to be down at Ole Miss in the fall," he said. "I'm real excited about that."

Wahl's scouting reports also include glowing positives like "excellent physical skills, mental makeup, work ethic, love of the game, and competitiveness."

Anyone who has followed baseball at all knows a player with Wahl's promise will have some deciding to do in the months ahead. August will be here before long, and by then players have to make their decision on college or the pros.

Wahl says he's taking it all in stride. He's found it's better that way.

"It's all really confusing to me," he said matter of factly of the draft buildup. "I'm just basically letting it all happen. One day it's like the scouts all love you, and the next day you're the worst in the world. There's definitely been a lot of interest from them."

He's basically heard from all major league franchises over the course of months, and he says "probably 20 to 25 of them have been by the house."

But he says he's still in the dark as far as a lot of it is concerned.

"It's so secretive, it's ridiculous," he says with a bit of a laugh.

Wahl throws a fast ball 92-94, a curve ball in the high 70s, a changeup in the high 70s, a slider in the low 80s, and a splitter in the low 80s.

Wahl said he's been trying to get back down to Oxford for a game this season, but his own schedule has prevented that from happening. His last visit was memorable.

"I was down there the day Dexter McCluster ran all over the field," he said of last year's Ole Miss win over Tennessee in football. "That was fun, and I've been wanting to get back down there again."

In not too many weeks, Bobby Wahl may be arriving at Ole Miss for good - or at least the next three school years. June 7 and the days that follow will go a long way in determining that.

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