McGee ready to go

Senior CB Jeremy McGee was hampered in spring training by two painful injuries, but that did not keep him from participating in different ways. Read about it inside.

Senior Ole Miss Cornerback Jeremy McGee missed some practice time in spring training due to a broken hand and plantar fascitis - the same injury Eli Manning had last year - in his foot.

But when push came to shove, McGee felt he got what he needed out of spring.

"I'm healing now. I have the range of motion back in my hand now," said Jeremy, as he displayed a two-inch scar from surgery near the thumb of his right hand. "I am finished with therapy and I'm able to lift and do everything in the offseason.

Jeremy McGee

"My foot has a little pain in it, but I can deal with that. I've been full-go with my lifting and running and all voluntary work. Plantar fascitis is extremely painful, and it can flare up, but I think I'm over the worst part."

As for spring absences, no biggie.

"The coaches know what I can do. The injuries cost me some reps, but I was still out there for my team and to help the younger guys and to learn. I accomplished most of what I wanted to in spring, despite the missed reps," he explained.

McGee has maintained the weight he gained prior to spring and is currently 191 pounds.

"I like being bigger because I am just as fast and it allows me to be more physical in press coverage and in run support," Jeremy said. "I am stronger and have more stamina now and I am just as fast.

"If I can stay healthy, my goal is to be one of the top corners in the SEC. I want to be an all-around corner and someone who offenses have to respect and steer clear of."

Jeremy enjoys being a leader as well.

Charles Sawyer

"Charles Sawyer and Ryan Campbell are great young players and it's not just about talent," he explained. "They listen to me and to Marcus (Temple) and they want to get better. They are unselfish and total team players. I love them being at cornerback.

"Marcus and I know if we need a break or get injured, they will be right there and they will do the job because they have prepared to do it and have worked hard."

Like all secondary players, Jeremy is excited about playing behind what could be one of Ole Miss' best front sevens on defense in quite some time.

"We know the quarterbacks we face will not have long to throw and the receivers will not have all day to get open. That makes our jobs a lot easier. I also think we compliment each other because I think when there isn't a good rush we will be able to cover," he stated.

During the summer, the defense faces the offense in 7-on-7 drills, so McGee gets a good look at the Rebels skill players often.

"For the most part, the offense has been giving it to us," he smiled. "I love their attitude. They are competing and getting better every day. Now, we know there is no pass rush, but even so, they are doing a great job in the offseason and are working hard, and I love it.

"On my side, Markeith Summers, Ja-Mes Logan, Brandon Bolden, Rodney Scott and Enrique Davis are the ones I face the most and they are all doing really well," he noted. "Nathan (Stanley) is throwing the ball very well and Randall (Mackey) can throw it too. He's very accurate. Raymond Cotton is rehabbing, and he looks like he's coming on too. Nathan looks like the guy to beat at quarterback though - he's throwing it better and better every day."

McGee is ready for August. It's what he's been waiting on for three years while learning the cornerback position and being a backup.

It's his turn.

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