Golson plans double duty

There's been a lot of hoopla - deservedly so - about recent four-star Ole Miss commitment Senquez Golson's football attributes, but according to someone who has coached him since an early age, baseball could be his meal ticket as well. Read about it inside.

Everyone already knows recent Ole Miss football commitment Senquez Golson, a four-star cornerback from Pascagoula, is going to play football and baseball at Ole Miss.

Everyone knows his potential at football - Alabama and a host of others wanted his commitment for the grid sport.

And most believe they know Senquez doesn't have a ceiling in baseball either, but one who may know him better than anyone is Lance Thompson, who has coached Golson since he was a "little shaver."

Thompson, a banker by profession and a baseball enthusiast/coach by night, so to speak, got hooked up with Senquez when the youngster was nine.

"Senquez has always stood out. He always played ahead of his age group and he always starred," said Thompson. "It didn't matter if it was the Dixie Youth World Series or as he got older and went against better and better competition, he always jumped out at anyone watching."

Thompson said there's nothing Golson, who will be a centerfielder at Ole Miss, can't do on the diamond.

"Heck, as a 12-year old, we put him on the mound and he threw in the mid 70s. He just dominated, he won every big game he pitched in that I can recall," Thompson continued.

He recalls a typical game when Senquez was 13.

"We were playing in Dothan in a big game. Senquez beat out an infield grounder with his great speed, he hit a ball off the wall for a double, he went to the wall for a brilliant catch and threw a perfect line drive strike to home to cut off a runner," Thompson said. "He took the air out of the place.

"Senquez is fast, he's got a great arm, he's got bat speed and bat control. He's a tremendous athlete, but what sets him apart, to me, is that he knows how to play the game. He anticipates so well and always gets a good jump on the ball. It's way he's able to run down balls in the gap all the time," noted Thompson.

Thompson believes Golson's professional stock has gone way up this summer while playing with the Marucci Elite Team out of Baton Rouge.

"I talked to a scout the other day who said Senquez has awakened a lot of people. He believes he has moved into the top two rounds of the draft," said Thompson.

Let's assume Senquez has risen to that level with the MLB folks. What now?

"It's going to take first round money to get him away from Ole Miss and his dream of playing two sports in college," Thompson noted. "Most of the time, pitchers get that kind of money, shortstops do, but not many centerfielders.

"Senquez wants to go to college. He wants to go to Ole Miss. He wants to play both sports. I'm not saying there isn't a price, but his dreams are pretty set."

Thompson is a diehard USM fan, box seats and the like. As a Golden Eagle fan, he'd be less than honest if he said he's happy Golson is going to Ole Miss, but. . .

"Ole Miss did a great job of recruiting him. Senquez is a great young man - he goes to church every Wednesday and Sunday, he's a leader, he's a high character person. He's all about family and he was sold on the family atmosphere at Ole Miss," Thompson noted. "He likes that it is family at Ole Miss."

One more thing. Thompson says Senquez has not let the attention go to his head.

"He's so level-headed. He's low key in a lot of ways. He has a burning desire to win and compete, but he goes about it in the right way with his teammates. He definitely does not have the big head," Thompson closed. "I promise you, he will never be a discipline problem at Ole Miss."

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