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There is plenty of speculation still swirling involving Ole Miss' possible addition of former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli. But what are the facts? Read inside for a brief Q&A.

Q: Would Jeremiah Masoli count against the 25 (22 for Ole Miss this year) or 85 scholarship limit?

A: He would count against the initials, in this case in 2010, the 22 Ole Miss has to offer.

Q: Will he take an official visit?

Jeremiah Masoli

A: Not until he is accepted in grad school.

Q: What is the time frame on his acceptance to grad school?

A: Nobody knows for sure, but there are expectations it will be in the next week and a little hope it could be sooner.

Q: Will he be accepted to grad school?

A: Nothing is for sure, but we have been told his GPA is "OK" and his GRE test score is "above average."

Q: What will his role be if he is accepted and decides to come to Ole Miss?

A: It's pretty simple. The Rebs have to have another QB on campus. That's number one. Two, the guy who puts the ball in the end zone will play. Three, Nathan Stanley - based on spring, his leadership, his knowledge of the offense, his work ethic, his attitude and the respect of the team - will start out number one, period.

Q: Have Houston Nutt and Nathan Stanley met about the situation?

A: Absolutely, more than once. Nathan is fine with Masoli being at Ole Miss, should it come to pass, and knows everything on this level is a competition. He's ready to compete.

Q: What about Randall Mackey?

A: Assuming Masoli comes to Ole Miss, which looks pretty positive at this time, it will allow the coaches to expand Randall's role beyond just pure QB. Instead of having to concentrate solely on learning the playbook, he can also work some at slot, more at Wild Rebel and whatever the fertile minds of the offensive coaches can dream up. Sort of takes the bit out of his mouth due to the depth Masoli would provide.

Q: Do the Rebels lead for Masoli's services?

A: From all indications and resources we have, it certainly appears that way.

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