Mandel, you make me laugh

Everyone at Ole Miss expected some criticism for taking QB Jeremiah Masoli, but Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel - who must be Howie's cousin - made a weak argument for calling Ole Miss' Houston Nutt "dirty." In fact, a laughable argument.

I just got through reading an article written by SI's Stewart Mandel dissing Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt for accepting into the Rebel fold former Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli.

While I am admittedly biased on the subject of the Rebel coach, frankly, I laughed all the way through Mandel's forced diatribe.

In a word, it was weak.

If you are going to come after a respected coach with the "dirty" tag, Mr. Mandel - are you kin to Howie? - please come with something stronger than hiring a very competent high school coach (Gus Malazahn, who as you said is doing a great job at Auburn) to get three or four of his top players; or signing a kid (Jamar Hornsby) who all researach indicated had paid his debt to society, a kid who screwed up again and was never on the Ole Miss campus as a player; or the personal smear job some of the hateful Arkansas fans orchestrated to get rid of Nutt; or giving Masoli another chance after your own revered publication did nothing less than clear Jeremiah's name just a few days before.

No, Stewie - can I call you Stewie? - your arguments were ludicrous. A spew to be spewing and to gain attention. As weak as Slippery Rock's schedule.

Were Nutt's motives self-serving? Of course they were, in part. Isn't that what recruiting is all about? Signing better players to make one a better coach is the name of the game, plain and simple. What coach would apologize for that?

Does that make a coach "dirty?" If so, I submit every coach in America is "dirty."

Then, you backed up weak with weaker.

You say, Jeremiah lied - something he admits and regrets - so he should not be given another chance. Oops, I need to disown and abandon my own kids - they lied to me once or thrice. Cast them out! Mandel, you pompous, self-righteous windbag. Apply that standard to your own kids, if you have been allowed by society to multiply.

You flippantly scoff at Nutt's "humanitarian interests" in pursuing Masoli because Raymond Cotton had bolted the day before. Well, Stew - can I call you Stew? - if you had done any research, Masoli and Nutt had talked previously, but the Rebs' QB slots were full at the time. When Cotton flew the coup, there was an opening. Why not go after the best, a player, may I remind you again, your own publication almost single-handedly cleared?

You also assume this sends a bad message to Ole Miss' number one QB, Nathan Stanley. If you had done any due diligence, you would know Nathan went to Nutt and told him it was cool for him to try to land Masoli, as did many of his teammates and all the senior leadership on the team. Nathan, you see, is a team player and a competitor. He's not "scared" of Jeremiah Masoli and wants what is best for his team.

Then, you want to place Oregon Coach Chip Kelly in the pantheon of the washed because he kicked off the members of his team who had gotten in trouble. Did you bother to learn that Nutt has suspended and released players at Ole Miss as well? Did you bother to mention that Hornsby - due to his own undoing - never came to campus beyond his recruiting trip?

In fact, did you bother to research anything or give Nutt a chance to respond to these allegations? It seems to me if you claim to be a responsible member of the media, you would tell both sides of the story before labeling someone "dirty."

But, alas, the unfortunate side to sports journalism is that flame throwers get good numbers, damned the accuracy, damned the affects on people's lives.

Consequently, Mandel - can I call you Mandel? - the way I see it, you are the "dirty" one.

You dirty our conscience with unfounded rants. You dirty our profession with drivel for ratings. You dirty the trust between coaches and media members by not telling both sides of the story.

Stewart Mandel, if you weren't so far off the mark, and so silly you made me laugh, it would have made me cry.

You "dirty, dirty" boy.

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