Situation Adjustments

Derrick Herman admits he's hopes to get back to running back someday. But for now, he's happy at wideout, where he was recently moved.

"It's been real good," said the 5-10, 190, junior from Cleveland. "I'm learning a whole lot of new things. I'm enjoying it."

Learning it because it's all new to him – totally.

"I've never played receiver before, ever. But it's fun," he said.

And he hopes to contribute to a position that has needed a little bit of depth added to it as camp has progressed.

"I've got a couple of quick steps I can show off hopefully, once I learn all the things Coach (Ron) Dickerson teaches me," Herman said. "I think I can be real good over there."

But he's still a work in progress, so to speak.

"So far I've learned basically how to get off the line and how to stack a receiver after I get past them, just the little things I need in order to get separation," he said. "My hands are good, but I've got to polish my route running up a little bit."

But he doesn't hesitate to add two comments; one, that he'd really rather be back at his old position, and two, he is pleased to help out however he's needed.

"We were a little down in numbers (at receiver) right now, and they just asked me could I do it," Herman said of him moving over and assisting. "Hopefully I get to go back to running back, because that's what I love. But I'm going to help my team any way they need me to."

Busy time for Ferbia

Tight end Ferbia Allen became a father earlier this week. Ferbia Lynn Allen III, or Trey as he is called, was born Tuesday.

Still beaming about the birth of his boy, who weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, Allen was back at practice today.

Proud, new dad

The 6-4, 245, sophomore said the tight ends are going to do well this season.

"We have a lot of experience and talent," the Pine Bluff, Ark., product said. "We've got Reggie (Hicks) that's a senior that's back with us. (Redshirt freshman) Z. Mason was here last year. We've got (junior) Layton Jones. It's all falling in pretty well. Last year we were pretty young and didn't know the plays quite like we do now. So a lot of mental mistakes have been taken out this year."

Allen said he's worked to improve his blocking skills to help the cause.

"I think my blocking is going pretty good," he said. "It's still progressing and needs to even more. I think it's going alright."

Allen said he's been told the tight end will be used more by the Rebel offense this season, and he's seeing that in practice.

"Even back in 7 on 7 (drills), we had a lot of reps and had a lot of balls," he said. "So it's stepped up a lot since last year, and we're loving it right now."

He's also enjoying being a part of an offense with so much talent at quarterback. He's impressed with all three – Nathan Stanley, Jeremiah Masoli, and Randall Mackey.

"All of them are good...great. I've never seen this before," he said. "I've never seen that many quarterbacks that are that good. If they throw it out there, we run and try to catch it. It's all a team thing for us. We root for all of them. Whoever gets in, we know they can do the job. I love all of our quarterbacks."

Martin Makes Adjustments

Freshman defensive lineman Carlton Martin is making some adjustments to the collegiate level. The 6-2, 270, Madison Central product said he likes the way things are progressing.

Coach Terry Price

"I feel like I'm adjusting pretty good right now with (Jerrell) Powe and everybody helping me along," he said. "I feel like I'm learning the playbook pretty good and all. I'm pretty much just learning the plays and trying to get everything how they like it, how Coach (Terry) Price and them want it."

Martin feels he's in better shape than when he arrived on campus.

"My condition got a whole lot better when I came up here," he said. "Working out in the summer helped me a whole lot."

Martin said actually it's all about adjusting to everything at this level, especially how strong and fast the other players are. It's not what he was used to in high school.

"It was kind of hard to adjust to it at first, because they work so fast," he said. "But as we go along, they help me pick it up and everything. I'm just trying to make sure I learn the plays first."

Martin said he's working and practicing as if he will play this season. But he knows there might be a chance he will redshirt. Still, he isn't dwelling on any of that – just getting better.

"It's on them. Whatever they want me to do I'll do," he said of his coaches. "I don't spend much time thinking about it."

He does think about how good the Rebel defenders can be. There's no doubt in Martin's mind that it can be tops.

"We can be one of the best defenses in the country," he said. "Everybody returning from last year is good, and so I think we'll be a pretty good defense this season."

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