Price is Right

Ole Miss Defensive Line Coach Terry Price has senior veterans aplenty, and that would appease most coaches somewhat, but T.P. only cares about one thing - winning games. Read about it inside.

Practicing with a bunch of veteran players has its perks and it's fun, but Ole Miss DL Coach Terry Price won't allow himself to have too much fun until he sees the fruition of everyone's labor manifest itself into winning games.

"It's fun when we win. I love ball. I love to compete at practice and compete in games, but the fun part comes from winning," noted Price.

"We will work hard to meet that end, and we will enjoy the process, but the real fun comes with winning."

Dorsey and Price

With players like Jerrell Powe, Ted Laurent, Lawon Scott and Kentrell Lockett, the base of the DL is somewhat set, but the "other" defensive end opposite of Lockett is a "newbie," junior Wayne Dorsey.

"Wayne has gotten better this fall camp. The biggest thing he has done is put on some weight and gotten himself in the weight room to get stronger," said Price. "He's gotten stronger in his lower body and his upper body and that's helped him. He's dedicated himself to getting better and it's paying off.

"Nobody in my meeting room studies harder. He wants to be a good football player and he works at it on the field and in the film room."

Price is pleased with the influx of new talent as well, namely DTs Carlton Martin and Bryon Bennett and DE Carlos Thompson.

"All of them are talented enough to help us this year," Price assessed. "Martin and Bennett are around 285-290 pounds each. They are strong, physical and have good quickness. They also work hard and are starting to understand our defense more.

"Carlos has real good speed off the edge. He's working to become more physical, but that will come with more size and maturity. I think he'll be a 250-260 guy before his career is over, but he can play lighter than that. The physical part is mental. Just play tough, be tough. Get stronger. Have a mindset of being physical and he's working at all of that. He's got a great future. I see him improving daily."

Junior Justin Smith is making a comeback off injury. Price evaluated the progress of the defensive tackle.

Justin Smith

"He's just got to stay healthy and be at practice every day. He's missed a lot of time. He's just got to get in better football shape and get more physical as he does that. I'm seeing some signs of that now," Price added. "Keep working and keep practicing and he'll get better."

The Rebel defensive line will be one of the cornerstones of the squad this year.

So far, so good, in practice. It's been fun watching them compete during fall camp.

Now it's time for Price's definition of fun.


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