The 'Other' Scott

Most of the time, trench guys don't get the ink of the skill players on offense. But Rebel defensive tackle Lawon Scott is not playing second fiddle to the offensive Scotts, TBs Rodney and Jeff. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss senior Defensive Tackle Lawon Scott fully understands the expectations for him and his defensive line cohorts.

Scott, Jerrell Powe, Kentrell Lockett, Ted Laurent, LaMark Armout, all seniors, and upstart junior Wayne Dorsey realize they are the bell cows, the foundation, of the Rebel football team.

Lawon Scott

And they should be.

"We've got the experience. We've produced before. We're the ones everyone looks to. We're expected to get it done," said Lawon, an affable sort with a big smile. "We like that role. We want that responsibility."

Since the start of last spring, they've been praised and ballyhooed in the media. Best DL in the SEC. One of the best in the country.

Scott and his running buddies did not take that for granted, however.

"We've all dedicated ourselves to getting better. We still have a lot to prove, in our minds," he continued. "We came out of spring training feeling good about ourselves, but knowing we could do more. We worked hard this summer and we've worked hard in fall camp to do that."

And the results?

"I feel we have gotten better, across the board. Jerrell, Ted and I all had the goal of being better pass rushers, and we have made strides in that area," noted Lawon. "Wayne wanted to get more physical against the rush, so he worked hard in the summer getting bigger and stronger and that has paid off in fall camp.

"But the biggest thing, to me, is that we see some of the young guys coming on strong. (DE) Gerald Rivers had a good spring and has built on that this fall. (DE) Cameron Whigham has gotten bigger and more physical. His techniques are better than they were in the spring as well," Scott stated. "And then there is Corey Gaines, who I think has improved as much as anyone, and guys like Carlos Thompson and Carlton Martin, who are showing us they belong on this level, even as true freshmen."

Experience. You hear of its importance every day, but nobody truly gets that notion unless they've felt what it really means.

Lawon Scott

"In this league, it's all about playing fast. That means not having a cluttered mind thinking about what you have to do. You just get to the point where you react instantly. That's when you can play fast and the only way to get there is to experience it," noted Lawon. "All the veteran guys are playing fast and we can all attribute it to having experience. It's second nature to us now, and I can't really express how critical that is to production."

Back to what Lawon feels he's got to do better - pass rush, he's more confident now.

"Again, experience has been a big key. Coach (Terry) Price challenged me in spring to get in the backfield more. I worked hard at my craft and I've gotten better at it. Jerrell and Ted are the same," he explained. "Last year, we got pulled out of the game on dime (six DBs) situations, where a big pass rush is needed. This year, we are being left in more in those situations. That alone tells me we are doing something right in pass rush."

Scott is excited about the challenge of the 2010 season and of the DL upholding their end of the bargain, which is the heaviest part of the "bargain" on the team.

"It's an 11-man unit. We all depend on each other to perform and do their jobs," Scott closed, "but we realize we are the first line of defense. We realize it all starts up front.

"We're not worried about all the hype or anything like that. All we want to do is hold up our end of making this the best team it can be."

The "other" Scott will do his part.

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