Quality and Quantity

The Ole Miss two-deep depth chart is shaping up nicely with very few questions still to be answered. Read about it inside.

There's still a couple of battles for starting positions going on within the Ole Miss football team, but as we enter game week, there are not a lot of questions remaining to be answered from a two-deep standpoint.

Who will be the number one center, between sophomore A.J. Hawkins and true freshman Evan Swindall, is still in the air, but it appears Hawkins is gaining an edge.

What's going to happen at quarterback with sophomore Nathan Stanley, senior Jeremiah Masoli and junior Randall Mackey is not in concrete yet due to the eligibility standing of Masoli not being determined yet.

A couple of injuries - namely to OLB Mike Marry and Safety Fon Ingram - have changed things at those positions.

Here's our current depth chart. '/' denotes a tie or no concrete decision at a position. At WR, we'll list a projected rotation rather than a two-deep for now. Injuries will also be shown and some positions will have a three or more deep.


Left Tackle: Bradley Sowell, Emmanuel McCray

Left Guard: Alex Washington, Mike Brown

Center: A.J. Hawkins/Evan Swindall

Right Guard: Rishaw Johnson, Jared Duke

Right Tackle: Bobby Massie, Logan Clair

Tight End: Ferbia Allen, Reggie Hicks, Z. Mason, Leyton Jones

Quarterback: Nathan Stanley/Jeremiah Masoli, Randall Mackey

Fullback: E.J. Epperson, H.R. Greer

Tailback: Brandon Bolden, Enrique Davis/Rodney Scott, Jeff Scott, Devin Thomas

Wide Receiver: Markeith Summers, Jesse Grandy, Lionel Breaux, Melvin Harris, Ja-Mes Logan, Korvic Neat, Derrick Herman, Vincent Sanders (?). Jared Mitchell is also vying for playing time in some sets. Terrell Grant and Alex Williams have also been thrown into that mix.


Defensive End: Kentrell Lockett, Gerald Rivers, Carlos Thompson (?)

Nose Tackle: Jerrell Powe/Ted Laurent

Defensive Tackle: Lawon Scott, LaMark Armour, Justin Smith

Defensive End: Wayne Dorsey, Cameron Whigham

Sam Linebacker: Allen Walker, Brandon Sanders, Mike Marry (Inj.)

Middle Linebacker: Jonathan Cornell, D.T. Shackelford (considered a starter)

Will Linebacker: Joel Kight, Clarence Jackson

Cornerback: Jeremy McGee, Frank Crawford

Strong Safety: Johnny Brown, Brishen Mathews

Free Safety: Damien Jackson, Dele Junaid, Fon Ingram (inj.)

Cornerback: Marcus Temple, Charles Sawyer (considered 3rd CB)


Punt Return: Jesse Grandy, Bradon Bolden/Markeith Summers

Kickoff Return: Jesse Grandy, Rodney Scott, Jeff Scott, Brandon Bolden

Field Goal/PAT: Bryson Rose, David Hankins/Andrew Ritter

Punt: Tyler Campbell, Andrew Ritter/Chris Conley

Deep Snapper: Wesley Phillips, Will Denny

Holder: Richie Contartesi

Gunners: Marcus Temple, Lionel Breaux

Personal Protectors: D.T. Shackelford, Joel Kight

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