THE BF.C MESSAGE boards are already abuzz with anticipation for the Boise State contest, but there is a classic "trap game" looming on the horizon for this Saturday, when the Louisville Cardinals visit Reser Stadium. It's time to keep that good September Mojo going, and carry it through. So how do the Beavs do that? Here are three keys to victory on Saturday..

But in order to look forward, sometimes you have to take a quick look back... September blues? Not this year.

While BF.C doesn't believe in moral victories, there was a lot to like about the way things went in Texas. Against a top 5 team on the road, the Beavers were in a position to win the game at the end. For Oregon State, that's not all bad, though being the New Giant Killers was the aim.

For Saturday, while this isn’t the Elvis Dumerville/Brian Brohm Louisville team, make no mistake – this is no time to fall asleep at the wheel. As head man Mike Riley noted, the Beavs can’t win this weekend just by showing up.

One thing Louisville has never lacked is the athletes. They’re big and fast and strong – the program is just in a transition phase with a new Head Coach in Charlie Strong and with a new offensive system in place to try and learn under Offensive Coordinator Mike Sanford.

OSU saw plenty of Sanford’s offense in action last year – you may remember their trip to Las Vegas to play UNLV, a hotly contested tilt that had some controversial calls and it wasn’t an easy victory for the Beavers.

Oregon State also showed off a largely ineffective rushing defense at TCU – and Louisville comes in with a pair of talented running backs who are eager to find out if they also can exploit that weakness. UL has a quarterback who can move around a bit in Adam Froman, and the Beavers seem to have a lot of trouble handling mobile quarterbacks in the last few seasons.

Let’s take a look at the keys for this week.


What Oregon State wants to do in their run defense is string the play to the sideline, and use their pursuit and speed to win the footrace. It’s all for naught if they lose leverage when they get there.

The Beaver LB’s in particular need to improve shedding blocks and turning the ballcarrier back into the pursuit.



They just need to be consistent.

Johnny Hekker’s fourth down conversion was picture-perfect and showed off an arm Beaver fans have been begging to see, but his punting gaffe was a painful mistake for a veteran who should know better. Kahut’s missed field goal would have been a major difference maker in the tone and tenor of the game as well.

Bad special teams play could turn what should be a fairly dominating win into a close game or even an unforgiveable loss.



There were far too many offensive linemen walking towards the pile on running plays with their hands on their hips at TCU, when they should be blocking right to the echo of the whistle – especially with a running back like Quizz, who will twist and churn and fight to break free as long as you keep blocking for him.

On defense, the ends need to step up and win some 1-on-1 battles when Stephen Paea commands that double team.


  1. Start Fast. First play of the game the Beavers go deep to James Rodgers – who had a few steps on his man. A missed opportunity, but it signaled that the Beavers weren’t there to play vanilla football. The Beavers jumped on the scoreboard first by taking advantage of a Lance Mitchell INT and a 30 yard bomb to James Rodgers, and then another 34 yard beauty to Jordan Bishop early in the 2nd quarter. Only Kahut’s missed field goal shades it a little lower in the scale. Final Grade: B-

  2. Stuff The Run. The first instinct is to give a F-minus grade for the OSU rushing defense – but the reality is that the Beavers didn’t give up any home runs, and TCU averaged “only” 5.1 yards per carry. The reality is that rushing defense on third down was an F, but the rest of the game was really only a B-. Final Grade: C-

  3. Attack the Edges. Oregon State offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf went RIGHT AT the edges of the TCU offense, with varying degrees of success. Most of the big plays came outside the hash marks where TCU’s excellent safeties couldn’t help, and even the success Jacquizz Rodgers had – limited though it was – was at the edge, breaking out the back door on draws and counters. A couple of passes that were just a few inches closer and this would have been an A+. Final Grade: B


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