How Oregon State fits into new Pac-12

LARRY SCOTT, COMMISSIONER of the Pac-10, laid out his vision for the future of the conference on Thursday. So what does it mean for the Beavers?

First and foremost, the disparity in TV money between members of the conference will change. Revenue sharing will be equal beginning in 2012-13.*

"We will have equal revenue sharing going forward," said Scott.

*However, in any year where revenue falls below $170 million, USC and UCLA will receive an extra $2 million in compensation.

Launching a new Pac-10 network figures to be key to cresting that $170 million level. Currently, the Pac-10 gets less than $60 million annually from its expiring TV deal.

For comparison purposes, the Big Ten takes in about $214 million.

AS WAS EXPECTED, the Northwest and Bay Area teams will play in the same division. Oregon State is in the Pac-12 North, along with Oregon, Cal, Stanford, Washington and Washington State. The Pac-12 South includes USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State and soon to be new conference members, Colorado and Utah.

Each of the 12 teams will have a 9-game conference schedule – OSU will play all 5 teams in the Pac-12 North every year. The remaining four games will rotate against teams from the Pac-10 South.

Oregon State will play one of the Los Angeles teams, considered key for recruiting, every other year in L.A. The other game against either UCLA or USC that year will be at home.

With equal revenue sharing, a concession was made to the California schools where they will play each other every season, and therefore will have only two open, rotating games against teams from the opposite division.

THE PAC-12 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME will be played on the home field of team with the best conference record. Tiebreaker scenarios are expected to include head-to-head results, and/or could include BCS standings comparisons. Scott said a neutral site was weighed for the title game but it was felt that the home field of the conference's top team was best option.

The 2011 conference football schedule is scheduled to be released in the next 30-45 days.

THERE WILL BE no such divisions in basketball, Scott said.

A school will have 18 conference games – including a home and home series with traditional rivals, six rotating home and home series with other schools, and four rotating single games.

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