Pre-spring Practice News and Notes

Some news and notes on the 2003 OSU football team heading into spring practice.

  • Riley's priorities going into spring practice:

    • Evaluate the players on the roster.
      "Another big thing for us this spring is for our staff to get a good feel for the abilities of our players. We have the benefit of having some guys from the previous staff that are still involved in our program who can help us, but we still need to get a feel for the overall ability of each player. We will start spring drills with people where they were when the season ended last year, but then we will allow each player the opportunity to see what they can do.

    • Let the players compete for positions.
      From a competition standpoint, it is a good opportunity for players to either prove that they are a starter for good reason, or a guy who has not been a starter, its a chance to move up the depth chart. I am looking to find out about everyone on this team, so that pretty much opens it up to
      great competition at every position."

    • Establish the cornerbacks.
      "I think it is pretty obvious that we have to take a good look at the defensivebacks, and particularly the corners. Obviously, that is an area where two starters graduated. We will need to get two capable guys ready to go for the fall."

  • The Beavers will run a spread offense under Riley. The major difference between Erickson's and Riley's offensive playbook will be the terminology. The defensive scheme will be almost identical with a 4-3 set.

  • For the second straight year, a Beaver tight-end will not participate in contact drills. Sophomore tight-end, Dan Haines, will sit out due to a left knee injury.

  • Starting free safety, Mitch Meeuwsen, will also not participate in contact drills during the spring practice session due to a right knee injury.

  • Oregon State did not play a true freshman during the 2002 season.

  • The Beavers lost nine letterman on offense and nine letterman on defense.

  • The offense lost two starters, wide receiver Shawn Kitner and left guard Mike Kuykendall. Two offensive players also transferred out of the program. Right tackle, Issac Aronson, transferred to Portland State. Running back/corner back, Rodney Landingham is possibly transferring to the University of Nevada where his brother plays.

  • The defense lost six starters, left tackle Eric Manning, linebacker Nick Barnett, linebacker Erik Tuma, strong safety Calvin Carlyle, cornerback Terrell Roberts and cornerback Dennis Weathersby.

  • Oregon State has 29 redshirts on the roster, 16 on the offensive side of the ball and 12 on the defensive side of the ball.

  • The Beavers have 6 non-letterman on the roster, three on offense, center Darrick Bruns, quarterback Matt Dickinson, and place kicker John Dailey and three on defense, left tackle Henry Anderson, right tackle Chris Scott, and punter John Millar.

  • Twenty four freshman currently occupy the Beaver roster. Three will be present for spring drills. They are quarterback Danny Southwick, right end Joe Rudulph, and cornerback Robert Herbert.


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