QUOTEBOOK: Dwight Roberson sounds off

PLAYERS AND COACHES DON'T OFTEN say what they really, truly think when there's a mic stuck in their face – it's far easier to toss out a bunch of clichés than it is to watch the media turn unfiltered honesty into Distraction Mountain. But sometimes, just sometimes, guys like OSU linebacker Dwight Roberson ignore all that, and speak straight from the gut.

"It's going to be great. They took two Rose Bowls away from me. I'm ready to take something away from them.''
Dwight Roberson on Oregon and Saturday's Civil War

"If you think I was disruptive today and last week (against USC), I've got to multiply it by 10 this week."
Stephen Paea

"It sucks to lose, and it sucks to lose 38-0. But as a team, you try to find the positive in everything and try to correct the things you do wrong. That's what we've been trying to do the whole year…Heads are not down. We are looking forward to next week.''
Dwight Roberson

"Some guy was on top of Quizz, whistle blown. We're not going to stand for stuff like that anymore."
Ryan Katz on the 15-yard penalty he received (offsetting with Stanford personal foul) after pushing Stanford defender off of Jacquizz Rodgers

"They came out and hit us in the mouth early, and we didn't respond."
Jacquizz Rodgers on Stanford

"We've got to make a choice. This can be our last game -- we can pack it in, or we can come out and fight, and be the team we can be. We've seen what we can do when we're clicking."
Ryan Katz

"I know what it looks like on paper, but that's just paper. It really comes down to who plays the best that day. And all year we've seen teams that are supposedly better than other teams (lose)… doesn't mean you always win if you're ranked.''
Dwight Roberson

"We've got more important things to worry about, like trying to make a ball game. I think that's our motivation right there."
Jacquizz Rodgers

"Despite everything it's going to be a Civil War game. It's going to be exciting. For us, it's a chance to do something really good when our season has been so up and down."
Mike Riley

"From the time they made their first third-down conversion."
Mike Riley on when the Beavers were out of the game against Stanford

"It's real fast to talk about that game right now, but it's obvious that's all this team has left to try to do. That is an understatement…We're really disappointed in how the (Stanford) game went, and the only deal left for this team is to do everything we can to prepare and play that game and win it next week.''
Mike Riley

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