The Civil War: Prediction roundup

FROM CHICAGO TO TEXAS, from Connecticut to the Beaver State and points in between, not many out there in media-land are forecasting an Oregon State win over the No. 1 ranked Ducks on Saturday at Reser Stadium. Here's a wide sampling of predictions for the 114th Civil War..

Predictions from the Oregonian's Paul Buker and the G-T's Cliff Kirkpatrick might not come out until Saturday morning, but both scribes have sounded a little pessimistic this week as to the Beavs' chances..

The Beavers can embrace every football cliché like it was a prom date, but if they don't play extremely well – and it's possible they might have to play the game of their lives – it will be Oregon Duck fans storming field when Saturday's game is over.
-Paul Buker, The Oregonian

If the Beavers can't stop a conventional offense, they aren't going to do well against Oregon's spread.
-Cliff Kirkpatrick, Corvallis Gazette Times

I think the Beavers will be good Saturday. Against the best team in the country, I just don't think they'll be good enough. THE PICK: Oregon 41, Oregon State 27
-Kerry Eggers, Portland Tribune

As dangerous as the Beavers can be there's just no way Oregon loses this game. It's way too important – A national title game spot on the line. They didn't come this far to blow a chance like this… Prediction: Oregon
-CBS New York

Oregon State. Because I've witnessed the power of Corvallis.
Michael Lev, The Orange County Register

Oregon 48, Oregon State 30
-Chris Dufresne, Chicago Tribune

Official motto for Fort Worthians this week: "We are all Beavers." That's because Oregon State can shake up the BCS picture with an upset in the Civil War, most likely putting TCU into the BCS National Championship Game ahead of the Ducks. Not going to happen. The Beavers will keep this close for a half — just like every Oregon opponent does — but eventually run out of gas against the most electric offense in the game. Prediction: Oregon 45, Oregon State 27
-Dave Matter, Columbia Daily Tribune

Oregon State. Because I grew up an Oregon fan and know all too well that as a Eugene hero once wrote, "When life looks like easy street, there's danger at your door."
-Scott Reid, The Orange County Register

No. 1 Oregon at Oregon State: In most years, the rivalry of the Civil War would make the records meaningless. But the Beavers aren't the same team that started the year with respectable showings against TCU and Boise State. Oregon 41, Oregon State 23.

This is where it becomes downright suicide. Though I have been saying all year that I thought the Ducks were going to slip up, if it were going to happen it would have happened already. However, there is always a chance in rivalry games and the Civil War is pretty heated. So for the final time, I conflict. Oregon State 31 Oregon 30
-Ari Wasserman, Buckeye

I think all the intangibles are tilting in Oregon State's direction heading into the 114th Civil War, which will be played at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow in what is now Reser Stadium, and televised by ABC. On paper, Oregon (11-0, 8-0) figures to win. In the end, I think the Ducks will, perhaps handily.
-Ken Goe, The Oregonian

The Beavers figure to put up an early fight -- and probably throw a lot at the Ducks -- but the Ducks will wear them down and finish a perfect season that will earn them a berth in the national title game. Oregon 48, Oregon State 24
-Ted Miller, ESPN

Beaver head coach Mike Riley and star tailback Jacquizz Rodgers will summon something from deep within and keep this one from being the runaway that most expect. Pick: Oregon 38-24
-John Tamanaha, MSNBC

After simulating the Oregon Civil War game over 10,000 times, the AccuScore computer model predicts the Ducks would beat the Beavers at least 8,300 times.
-AccuScore computer simulation

Last year Ohio State fans watched this game closely to determine who the Buckeyes would play in the Rose Bowl. Now the Ducks have much more on the line with a BCS Championship game berth on the line. The Beavers took a hit when James Rodgers went down mid-season and really have not been able to recover. The best of the Pac 10 couldn't slow the Ducks down, nothing leads me to believe that a mediocre Oregon State team will either. Oregon 45 Oregon State 13
-Kevin Noon, Buckeye

Oregon State. You know the Beavers could really make a mess of Chip Kelly's holiday plans.
- Marcia Smith, The Orange County Register

I think the emotion alone might give the Beavers an extra seven points, and they'll probably cash in on that before halftime. The Ducks will keep things about even for the first two quarters; they might even have some trouble with OSU in the third quarter, but I see them pulling away in the final 15 minutes. But people should know that OSU is capable of upsetting Oregon — records and previous results don't mean a thing when it comes to the Civil War, as you know. Final score: Oregon 40, Oregon State 24
-Anthony Casson, Daily Barometer

Oregon. But I hope I'm wrong.
-Adam Maya, The Orange County Register

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