QUOTES: Riley won't like the film

MIKE RILEY after the Civil War pondered what went wrong, both in the season finale against the Ducks and with the 2010 season that comes to a close with the Beavs staying home for the holidays.

Mike Riley
On Oregon State's performance
"I felt like we should have moved the ball consistently all day. I'm disappointed in that, and I'm not going to like the film. I think we had opportunities and we werent just quite good enough, in-sync, to finish those plays off. I don't think I'm looking through rose-colored glasses either; I think we left some big opportunities out on the field offensively."

On the team
"I think there were a lot of great individual efforts (today). I'm really proud of this team. I know it's not exactly where we want to be with the record, but as far as what they've been through - the schedule they've been through, how they've competed, how they've had some real clunkers but stayed together and not played the blame game, pulled themselves up off the mat time and again, come back and played good football; they just kept doing that. They worked together as a team, they were tough-minded, and I will always remember that."

On the seniors
"I will always remember those seniors for leading that group. That is a great group of high-character, good football players, guys we will never forget, and we're indebted to. They have made an impact not only on this football team and this school, but on our lives. They are a group of really quality young men and we'll miss them tremendously. Their spirit will carry on."

On how the Beavs will use the experience they gained today
"This day, today, will be a motivator. Right now, from today until we kick off in the fall, this is a motivating thing that happened today. If anything, our team realized that we played a really good football team and we can go. We can compete to win that game, and that's why I think this should be our motivating force to begin practice tomorrow for next year. I don't think they'll let us do that."

On the 2010 season overall
"They have been through a lot, including the schedule and including some big-time injuries within our team. They've never really blinked. I know it looked like we blinked a few times, but they never did. They worked hard, they had good practices; we didn't always play well, but when we didn't play well we picked ourselves back up and usually had a good game. I think it's a group that has been resilient. I knew every day when I went out to practice what they were going to give, and we can't ask for any more than that. I love that part of it. That's why it's really disappointing to not be going to a bowl game and it's really disappointing to lose that game. I am not frustrated, I am not disappointed, I am not anything about that team except proud of them."

Beaver CB James Dockery
On the defense ‘playing better than anticipated'
"I knew we were going to get up for this game. We lost some plays out there but Oregon did a great job of doing what they have been doing all year and controlling the tempo. Hats off to them and I hope they represent the Pac-10 well."

On Oregon playing like a No. 1 team
"They played like the No. 1 team. They won; they are 12-0 and going to a National Championship. It's just frustrating, I felt every big team we played this year - we had such a tough schedule - I just felt like we were right there. I thank Coach Riley for putting that type of schedule together for my senior year. It was really fun to be out there."

On the feeling in the locker room after the loss
"It's sad, you know. We lost some games out there. I am not going to say which ones, you guys all know that. But it is unfortunate this is the first year I am not going bowling. The underclassmen care a lot about us. They worked hard in the summer and a lot of them had to step in bigger roles than anticipated. They gave it their all. I can be proud of that as a captain this year and the younger guys stepping up. It is what it is and everyone has to go through this one day."

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