Springtime Musings

Ah springtime, when a Beaver Fan's fancy turns towards...football.

Spring is a good time for me to muse about spring practice and the upcoming football season unencumbered by facts or player and team performance. It is also a good time to must about other stuff.

Do you realize that right now, the Beavers are tied for first in the nation? Do you realize that the University of New Mexico is tied with the Beavers?

Will Josh Hawkins be THE punt returner this year? He was pretty good his freshman year. It sure would be nice to have a kick returner who strikes fear in the hearts of opposing teams.

Is it a coincidence that dandelions and Duck uniforms are the same color? Both are green and yellow, and both are mostly unwanted, except in Eugene where they are used in wine and whine.

Should I wear a black armband at home games in memory of Zig and Pat and their families being priced out of season tickets? We had a 10-year run together; the tailgaters will never be the same. I remember the games in the mostly empty Parker stadium and, in the last few years, mostly full Reser stadium. Zig and Pat are loyal but their discretionary income just couldn't keep up.


Will Zig and Pat's wives wear black armbands on Saturdays as they mourn the six times a year when they had the house all to themselves as Zig and Pat took 5 progeny each to Corvallis?

How many losses can the Beavers sustain without people complaining about the "new" coach?

How many Beaver victories will it take for this season to be considered successful?

Will there be a quarterback controversy? Is it considered a controversy if everyone keeps asking if there will be a controversy?

Was Mike Belloti really guilty of anything more than bad judgment with the one incident and bad timing with the other?

Will I ever get tired of teasing Duck fans about their Nike connection? Obviously not, or the question wouldn't be in this article. It's the gift that just keeps giving because at least one fan writes me to complain each and every time I mention the Ducks and Uncle Phil and his discretionary dollars.

Will the McMenamins one day own all of Oregon? One day we might be looking at McMenamins stadium south and McMenamins stadium north. How does the phrase, "McMenamins' University" grab you?

Did you ever think how good the hoop team would be if you had Ricci, Jackson, and Jackson at center and forwards and the U of O guards on the outside?

Am I the only one who thinks the city of Portland is kidding itself when it comes to supporting a major league baseball team?

The next big thing in Corvallis?

Will Steven Jackson wigs become popular at Reser?

Has there ever been an offensive lineman controversy? Let me rephrase that. Has there ever been an offensive lineman controversy that made it to the media?

Am I delusional if I think that the Beavers have a legitimate shot at the Rose Bowl this year?

I'm looking for a big improvement in the receiving corps this year. Big Game James will lead the way, but I'm thinking the rest of the gang will step it up, much like the Fiesta Bowl year.

I hope Ken Simonton sticks this time.

See you at Reser April 26th.

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