Recruiting just getting warmed up

THE CURRENT DEAD period in recruiting won't lift until Jan. 4. But "dead period" is something of a recruiting misnomer, one that can lead to mistaken conclusions, as are a number of things about recruiting in general.

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Essentially, a dead period means no official visits, no in-home visits, no phone calls initiated by coaches. But a prospective recruit can pick up the one and call a coach at any time.

Email is another way contact happens. And of course there are the social media sites. (An interesting take on social media and how changes are coming in the rules can be found on the NCAA's website here.)

THERE ARE OTHER misconceptions, in looking around cyberspace, that are out there on recruiting. One of them is that a position coach recruits the players at his position.

Instead, coaches are assigned geographic recruiting areas.

This isn't just the case at Oregon State. It's how it is done everywhere.

Position coaches certainly are involved in the recruiting process of those who will play under them at Oregon State, and there can be exceptions as to how much they are involved. But for the most part, a position coach doesn't take the lead on a prospect outside their geographic area. That's what the area recruiter does.

Another misinformed view is that the recruiting coordinator decides who to offer. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The head coach is who decides, ultimately, whether a prospect is offered. Mike Riley certainly gets input from his staff, and a whole lot of it, but he is who makes the final call on whether an offer is made.

What a recruiting coordinator does involves planning and coordination, and a hell of a lot of paperwork. But he's not in charge of the other coaches' recruiting efforts, they don't report to him. That, again, falls under the purview of the head coach.

RECRUITING IS ONE confusing subject. There are more rules than can be imagined and they are continually changing, and they're about to change significantly if the above article by the NCAA is any indicator.

One thing that hasn't changed, though, is how hard work figures into the equation. And the OSU staff is said to be hitting the recruiting trail like never before since the season ended on Dec. 3. And there will be at least one, and probably two, huge blowout official visit weekends in Corvallis in January.

Looking at the numbers on the commit list, and figuring in the holdovers coming in January, it might appear OSU is getting close to finished. That would be another misconception. Recruiting, in a very real sense, is just getting started at Oregon State, and the next six weeks promise to be a wild ride. Buckle up.

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