Final stretch for 4-star DT

TODD PEAT out of Tempe is in the final stretch. The 4-star defensive tackle ranked No. 14 in the nation at his position has things down to a final three, and Oregon State is among that trio, but is there one school standing out in front of the other? And what's his timetable looking like?

"Things are going good," Todd Peat said. "I am really down to the three schools. Those are Nebraska, Arizona State and Oregon State. There is no particular order among those three."

Peat's thoughts on Oregon State: "They have a good tradition of developing their players and also the people there are just great."

Peat's thoughts on Arizona State: "With Arizona State it's the relationship that I have their coaches and the vicinity to my home. I feel like they are moving in a positive direction."

Peat's thoughts on Nebraska: "It's Nebraska's tradition. I feel like they are going to be competing for National Championships soon."

Until Peat makes a decision he will be busy with the visits by college coaches. It starts on Sunday and doesn't end until Tuesday.

"I had Nebraska on Sunday. On Monday I had Colorado, Arizona State and Oregon State. I had Arizona here the other day. I think Nebraska is coming back on Sunday."

It won't be long now for Peat. He says that the decision could be coming in the next couple of days. "I would like to make a decision by the latest early next week."

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