Spring Photos: Day 5

Sixteen photographs from the Beavers practice in Reser stadium on Wednesday.

WR Jayson Boyd stretches out for a catch.


WR coach DelVaughn Alexander


WR James Newson


CB Keller Christensen


QB Anton Clarkson with DE Jayson Jean-Baptiste (#47) and DE Matthis Gehring (#63)


The lines get ready to go at each other.


The defensive and offensive lines participate in drills.


RB Riley Jenkins between CB D.J. Coote (#2) and FS Sabby Piscitelli (#24)


RB Andrew Taylor


DE Alvin Smith (#92) and DE Chris Scott (#94)


FS Sabby Piscitelli (#24) and CB Robert Herbert (#25)


CB Brandon Catanse (#31), FS Harvey White (in the air), and CB Kellen Marshall (#15)


WR St. Lauret


CB Robert Herbert


The practice fields looking west.


The new hotel looking east.

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