Beavers Continue to Battle

The hard hitting continued on the ninth day of practice as the men in black banged, yelled, and perspired inside the chilly, but dry practice facility.

The lines sustained the intensity from Tuesday's practice as they got into each other's face multiple times. Perhaps with the reminder of yersterday's ejection's in mind, zero fights broke out, even though the rough play continued.

The defensive line dominated the offensive line for the majority of the practice.

At one point, after Steven Jackson was ran into the padded wall by the overzealous Beaver "D", Mike Riley stopped the scrimmage and told the players to calm down. Riley likes the players enthusiasm, but he does not want anyone hurt for the season.

Adam Rothenfluh, Anton Clarkson, and Danny Southwick received the majority of the repetitions on Wednesday.

Each quarterback had a hard time finding their range, but when they did it was usually to Josh Hawkins who had several great catches, including a leaping catch over Aric Williams in the endzone.

Derek Anderson participated in the drills, but did not throw in the scrimmages.

Steven Jackson was his normal, phenomenal self, as he cut in between the tackles and juked his way to more yardage and "ohhs and ahhhs."

Ryan Cole and Dwight Wright continued their battle for the backup position.

The defense turned in four interceptions during Wednesday's practice, including two by Brandon Browner, one by Brandon Catanese, and one spectacular single-handed grab by Harvey Whiten.

The Beavers continue practice on Thursday at 4:00 PM.

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