Starters Let Younger Beavers Play

An exquisite day in Corvallis greeted the football team for the second scrimmage of April as dots of orange and black littered the sunny seats at Reser.

The second and third team Beavers received a high number of repititions as many of the Beaver starters took their pads off and let the younger, less experienced players take over.

The structure for the scrimmage was loose as the coaches rarely moved the ball from the 30-yard line, even after a completion or positive yardage.

Steven Jackson and Derek Anderson participated in the skeleton drills, but saw limited physical contact.

The first, second, and third team offense improved during the semi-skeletons, when only half of the defensive and offensive lines are used. Each team completed at least three passes against the defense.

Anderson, Adam Rothenfluh, and Anton Clarkson spread out their passes among the talented Beaver receivers. James Newson had a particularly difficult catch as he went up after an under thrown ball to take it away from cornerback Brandon Browner.

After the good offensive showing during the skeletons, the defense tightened up.

The Beavers tried several running players, including sweeps and off tackles, but most resulted in a loss or no gain.

Seth Lacey intercepted an errant Anderson pass and took the ball 30-yards for a touchdown.

Dwight Wright had a Simonton-like run during an redzone scrimmage as he bounced and spun his way for yards. Later in practice, Josh Hawkins had a 70-yard touchdown on a 5-yard slant from Anton Clarkson.

Harvey Whiten had an excellent day in the backfield picking off two Adam Rothenfluh passes.

Josh Farrell wrapped up the two hour practice with a reaching, 30-yard touchdown on a screen pass from Rothenfluh.

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