SPRING BALL DAY 3: Damn that injury bug

CORVALLIS -- It was a beautiful outdoor practice for the Beavers, who got down to business on Friday. But don't expect any April Fools' jokes from Mike Riley, who announced RB Jordan Jenkins has a torn left labrum and will be out for the rest of spring. Meanwhile, Jordan Poyer's experiment with with baseball has come to an end.

The last thing anyone wants on a Friday is bad news, but Mike Riley dropped the bomb at the end of practice announcing Jordan Jenkins' injury, saying that he is scheduled to have surgery Monday.

Jenkins reported that on Monday someone stepped on his shoe during practice and he fell on his shoulder. The injury requires extensive rehab and Jenkins will be out for the remainder of spring practice. However Jenkins said he would rather have the injury now than at the beginning of the season.

With Jenkins out, it's still Ryan McCants getting the ball with the 1s, but this gives RB Jovan Stevenson a bit of room to try and move up during the spring.

The offense executed well during Friday's practice, looking more comfortable as a unit than they did at the beginning of the week. Riley is anxious to get the running backs into pads to see what they can do.

"You learn more every day," Riley said.

Also today, CB Jordan Poyer has announced that he will no longer play for the Oregon State Baseball team. Poyer started 5 of 7 games, recording 12 at-bats, and hit for an average of .250 at the plate.

Riley said he thinks OL Grant Johnson making the switch from left guard to center is working well, especially since Johnson has experience playing center. With the offensive line playing as a unit, it let QB Cody Vaz continue to shine in the No. 1 spot behind QB Ryan Katz (Katz is cleared to play but still rehabbing and expected to be in full pads Wednesday).

Katz is chomping at the bit to get back in full swing.

Markus Wheaton, who's also been consistent all week, continued to catch deep balls down the field on Friday, communicating that he's not going anywhere as a starter.

There was clear improvement by the offense on Friday -- there was only one interception, made by CB Brandon Hardin during the two-minute red ball drills towards the end of the session. And with that, the first week of spring drills at Oregon State was in the books.

  • Amongst the team, there were several players wearing Nike tester jerseys.

  • Several former Beavers watched practice today including DT Henry Anderson, RB Yvenson Bernard, RB Jacquizz Rodgers, CB James Dockery, and S Sabby Piscitelli.

    Dockery said he just got back from a workout with the Oakland Raiders, and is trying to get in contact with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Quizz recently returned from a visit with the New England Patriots. Piscitelli was recently released from the Cleveland Browns.

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