SPRING BALL DAY 7: Beavs go live again

CORVALLIS -- As starting QB Ryan Katz eased back into firing mode and position battles continued, Monday was another full contact day of football for the Oregon State football team as they wrapped up their seventh day of spring football in the Truax indoor center.

After two days of rest from Friday's 60-play scrimmage, the Beavers continued with the physical intensity that was seen on Friday.

Today, there were around 50 live plays run, focusing a lot on third down situations.

Mike Riley commented on the lack of execution on third downs from 2010, so it makes sense to take a bit of extra time early in the year.

Riley also mentioned spreading out the live play in the spring, and how he and the coaching staff prefer splitting that up as opposed to playing two and a half hours full bore on a Friday alone.

Although Riley is pleased with the work he's seen thus far from his team, he said they are still far away from being ready to play a football game.

Ryan Katz KATZ, THE CLEAR starter, continues to work his way back into this spring's QB rotation coming off a broken bone in his throwing hand. He took some snaps today during receiver drills, firing off a long pass to WR Darrell Catchings, who caught nearly every ball thrown his direction.

Katz also threw a few mid-range balls during 7-on-7 drills (launching another one to Catchings), and it looked as if he hadn't missed a beat.

Because Riley wants to be as careful as possible, Katz took no reps during the live plays and Katz will go in for another check-up tomorrow to double check that everything is on track.

DESPITE THE FACT that the Beavs are a long way from playing an actual game, Riley lauded the hard work everyone's been putting in and the intensity that shows up every day in practice.

Running with the 1s today for the offense was RT Michael Phillip, RG Burke Ellis/Michael Lamb, C Grant Johnson, LG Josh Andrews, and LT Mike Remmers, with coach Mike Cavanugh hollering away as usual.

QB Cody Vaz continued to take the reps with the ones and fired off a few cannons to Catchings and WR Obum Gwatchem, and WR Geno Munoz.

RB Ryan McCants also had a good day, running the ball about 30 yards up the field.

Not a lot of action from RB T.J. Ward today in comparison to Friday's scrum, but RB Malcolm Marable did see a few carries -- however he was quickly stopped by the defense.

THE FIRST STRING D hasn't changed much since the first day with cornerbacks Brandon Hardin and Jordan Poyer taking most of the reps out on the islands.

Lance Mitchell and Anthony Watkins stand strong at starting safeties, with Mitchell still very vocal.

The linebacker situation has seen improvement every day with OLB Michael Doctor continuing to make big hits (especially on RB Jovan Stevenson on Monday), and Cameron Collins on the other side, with Tony Wilson and Rueben Robinson continuing to rotate in for the starting middle spot.

The starting defensive line was made up of DE Taylor Henry, DT Kevin Frahm, DT Dominnic Glover, and DE Rusty Fernando on Monday.

Another defensive tackle, and son of d-line coach Joe Seumalo, Andrew Seumalo also took a few reps for the 1s.

Riley appears most impressed with newcomer Fernando -- he can't seem to stop commenting on his athleticism and speed as a defensive end that can play both sides.

WR Kevin Cummings suffered a concussion Friday from that insanely hard hit by LB Cameron Collins and is unlikely to practice the rest of the week. Today's live 11-on-11 wasn't much different in terms of hard hits.

DT Fred Thompson sat out most of practice with an iced shoulder. Riley wasn't 100 percent on what happened, but assumed it was a shoulder issue.

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