POST SPRING EVAL: Defensive Tackle

HOW DID OREGON STATE do at defensive tackle this spring, having to replace all-everything Stephen Paea and the underrated Brennan Olander? Maria Bruggere watched every one of the Beavers' 15 spring football practices. Here are her post-spring insights on the d-tackle spot.

BF.C: How did Kevin Frahm, entering his final season with the Beavs, do this spring?
Maria Bruggere: I love Kevin Frahm. He's going to be the leader for him. He's going to have to adjust not having Brennan Olander or Stephen Paea next to him. He and Dominic Glover are going to have to find a way.

BF.C: Were those the two starters in your mind coming out of camp?
Maria Bruggere: Yes. And Frahm and Glover got the most time with the 1s this spring.

BF.C: Defensive tackles, unless your name is Paea, don't get the sacks, they don't make the tackles – not like the ends and linebackers do, anyway. Did the DTs do their job this spring?
Maria Bruggere: Frahm got some penetration, he did a good job. I never thought he was a sack guy. At the same time, Beaver fans should be hoping more of his quickness comes out. But he was doing his job this spring, doing what a defensive tackle needs to do. Hopefully, he can still play a bit quicker.

BF.C: And Glover, how his spring went?
Maria Bruggere: Glover to me was a pleasant surprise, he made an easy transition from defensive end. He's so big, it's a better spot for him. He can throw some of those guys away. He's put on some size.

BF.C: After Frahm and Glover, who was the first DT off the bench, so to speak, this spring?
Maria Bruggere: Andrew Seumalo. He definitely got the most reps in that backup spot and he looked good. He still needs more size, but I think he has some natural talent. Castro Masaniai, who has starting potential, was hurt, no pads, so that was an absence that (was keenly felt). Ben Motter and Mana Tuivailala, they didn't stand out as much as some of the other guys did. Fred Thompson, he did okay, he was looking like he could make for a good backup behind the starters. He was making some progress when he got hurt. But he wasn't tearing things up the way some people had thought he might right out of the gate. Those (projections) might not have been a bit premature. He is, after all, just a true freshman.

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