OSU fall camp health should be much improved

JOE HALAHUNI, who some say is the best tight end/h-back in the Pac-12, underwent successful surgery on his rotator cuff recently. But when will he be back in uniform and full go? How about RB Terron Ward? What stage is Ryan Katz at in his return to full health? Mike Riley answers…

Joe Halahuni is expected to miss all of fall camp. But it could have been worse.

Mike Riley said his rotator cuff was repaired using arthroscopy surgery. Had Halahuni required the more open surgery, where the joint is opened up fully rather than the less invasive scope procedure, the recovery time in all likelihood would have been longer.

"He should be healthy and ready to go at the start of September," Riley told BF.C.

The Beavs open the season on Sep. 3 against Sacramento State.

Meanwhile, QB Ryan Katz (wrist) was expected as of today to have the governor taken off.

"The thinking is that (today) he'll be fully cleared. So it's a few weeks ‘late', it comes after spring ball, but he feels good, he's been throwing fully," said Riley.

James Rodgers' (knee) prognosis remains unchanged. The star receiver, having undergone two procedures, is determined to be ready to start by the opener. But as with all serious injuries, how soon he's able to move forward in his rehab will be determined over the coming months.

"We can't do anything but wait," said Riley. "Medical history is going to tell you it's going to take some time."

Running backs Terron Ward (knee) and Jordan Jenkins (shoulder) should both be ready in advance of fall camp, said Riley. WR Jordan Bishop (ankle) is another Beav on the mend.

Injuries are part of the game but it seems like the Beavs were dealing with more than their fair share this spring, and in particular shoulder injuries.

"It's on our radar for sure," said Riley of the injury count. "It definitely hurt us this spring, we can't spin the fact that those guys weren't available…that's not good. To get these guys back as close to camp as we can will be a big, big factor for us."

At the same time, all of the injuries taken together took place over a lengthy period of time, it's not as if they all happened on the field this spring. Katz was hurt at the end of last season, Halahuni first injured his shoulder last year as well. Bishop injured his ankle playing some hoops before spring ball ever began.

"Some of them are just carry over things. It's unfortunate and it's just life," said Riley.

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