Spring Game 2003

Pockets of sun rolled in between groups of dark clouds, bathing the thousands of Beavers fans in sun for one minute and a light rain for the next.

The black squad consisting of Beaver starters squared off with the white squad made up of backups as the defense dominated for the majority of the two-hour scrimmage.

Fumbles and interceptions marred the practice as the defense intercepted each quarterback that threw.

The following are the standout players during Saturday's scrimmage:



  • Running Backs
    Steven Jackson looked good as he always does. Several times he avoided a defensive player to gain extra yards. Jackson also finished off his runs well, punishing the defensive backs. Ryan Cole was tough around the goal line as he kept his feet moving moving the pile forward.

  • Receivers
    James Newson scored multiple touchdowns and caught several difficult passes over the middle. Tim Euhus made some good catches as well. As a whole, the tight end corp did a job blocking, especially Joe Newton.

  • Offensive Line
    The entire first string offensive line gave the quarterbacks ample time to throw the ball. Kanan Sanchez impressed as he pancaked several unfortunate Beaver defensive lineman.

  • Quarterbacks
    No one stood out as passes were overthrown, underthrown, and intercepted. Derek Anderson made some nice throws, but was the ONLY quarterback that received sufficient protection. Anton Clarkson wowed the Beaver faithful with his scrambling ability. Clarkson had a particularly long scramble as he darted in and out of the defense.



  • Cornerbacks
    The coverage was decent, but it was hard to tell exactly how good it was because the quarterbacks were under so much pressure. Brandon Browner had a good game as he stuck to Beaver receivers like glue. Browner also had a nasty hit on Colt Charles.

  • Safeties
    As a unit they had an outstanding day. They made solid tackles, intercepted several passes, and recovered fumbles. Harvey Whiten intercepted a Derek Anderson pass for a touchdown and recovered a Steven Jackson fumble. Sabby Piscitelli had a game ending, length of the field interception for a touchdown off Colt Charles. There will be a logjam at this position come fall.

  • Defensive Line
    The entire defensive line harassed the Beaver quarterbacks throughout the day. They also stuffed the run. Henry Anderson dominated the line; it didn't matter who was blocking him. Jayson Jean-Baptiste also looked good as he exploded around the tackles. During one series, Baptiste, with the help of Anderson, tackled Danny Southwick three times in a row, the last one for a safety. Dwan Edwards was a rock.

  • Linebackers
    The linebackers also had an superb day with Trent Bray picking off two passes. Richard Seigler did not play that much, but when he was in he was effective. Seigler is unquestionably the leader of the defense, perhaps the team. He also could have blocked a punt, but pulled back.


Special Teams

  • Kirk Yilinemi and Carl Tobey solidified their starting positions with sound performances.


Miscellaneous Notes

  • There was loud applause and cheering when the announcement was made about Nick Barnett's selection in the NFL draft. Richard Seigler was especially excited as he jumped up and down and gave high-fives to his teammates.

  • The Oregon State athletic department gave out cool posters to the fans.

  • Former Beavers Jose Cortez, Mike Fessler, and Alvin Steen were on the sidelines.

  • All of the ineligible, injured, or sick players were on the sidelines. The players included Noah Happe, Chris Scott, Chaz Scott, Mitch Meeuwsen, Dan Haines, and Cole Clasen.

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